Friday 30 June 2023

Texel Air NZ Boeing 737 - 800BCF Freighter at NZAA Today 30-6-2023

Texel Air is a very new entrant into the New Zealand air freight scene.  It's history has been well covered in our sister blog 3rd Level New Zealand as follows: 

Texel Air's arrival in New Zealand came quite suddenly with a certain level of mystery about it.  Texel Air New Zealand Ltd was established on the 31st of August 2022. 

On the 31st of March 2023 Texel Air's Boeing 737-33A(SF) A9C-APC arrived in Auckland. This particular aircraft was not a stranger to New Zealand skies, previously being operated by Air New Zealand as ZK-NGP. The following day the Air Cargo News website reported, Texel Air Bahrain has deployed a Boeing B737-300 freighter to Auckland, New Zealand to operate charter services for Parceline Express, a subsidiary of Freightways and New Zealand Post. The freighter will fly on a Auckland – Christchurch – Auckland route. Texel Air Bahrain will continue the charter services until Texel Air NZ Ltd, established in February, commences operations with its B737-800BFC in May this year on the same route. Headquartered in Auckland, Texel Air NZ provides ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) and charter services.  

Texel Air's Boeing 737-8B5(BCF) A9C-GWC, Vera, flew into Hamilton on 22/5/23 after its ferry flight from Bahrain via Bangkok and Darwin. The new Boeing 737-800 freighter underwent maintenance and certification checks with Hamilton Aero Maintenance before being placed on the New Zealand register as ZK-TXE on 26/5/23.

I managed this photo of ZK-TXE (c/n 29985) at Auckland International today after a drop off run (on divided motorway all the way from Warkworth to the airport).  It is not the best photo but it was parked in such a way that at least I could get a photo of it.

Thanks for the information on Texel Air Steve.


  1. It’s very strange that Flightradar24 has no flight information recorded for A9C-APC, either for its delivery flight to NZ, nor any local flying. I wonder why? Could it be using a different rego or callsign perhaps?

    1. That one is blocked on FR24, hence why it's not showing any info on flights in NZ. If you look at night time and see a B733 flying over NZ, that'll be it.

    2. Thanks Jordan