Monday 31 March 2008

Question time #4

Easy one this time :-

Why does this aircraft carry this small graphic image on its fuselage side ?
I make no apologies for the quality of this pic.


  1. Cause its the Yellow Submarine. a Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine

  2. Yes, we know its a yellow submarine.

    What is the aircrafts registration and why is it called "Yellow submarine"

  3. It's ZK-FNX, a Cessna 185 operated by Skydive Bay of Islands. No idea of the significance of the submarine though...

  4. Dead right there Steve.
    Go to the top of the class: but don't take your books.

    I still await a reason for the Yellow Submarine label.

    Come in Grey beard !

  5. A little bit of digging has uncovered a CAA reference that 'FNX was "destroyed" on 29 July 2004 at Timaru.

    So I think 'FNX may be the 185 that Howard Jamison claimed he ditched at sea just off Timaru. The aircraft later being discovered to have been stored in a shipping container and Mr Jamison accused of fraud.

    Could this be the reason for the submarine...

  6. Yep, Spot on there Steve.

    Well done.