Friday, 16 January 2015


 Zenair CH701 STOL N821CD (c/n 7-4094) appeared on the US register on 03-02-2010 with Chris Desmond of Sebastopol, California. On 20-04-2012 it moved to Farris Ellis over at Rincon, Georgia followed by Ron Thompson of Titusville, Florida from 11-09-2013. Its US letters were cancelled on 15-10-2014 on export to NZ.
It arrived at Rangiora in mid December - was listed as ZK-AMC2 on 14-01-2015 to Alex and Richard Mason of Rangiora - its marking were applied today (16-01-2015).
The upper photograph from Air and show it as N821CD at Casa Grande on 03-03-2012. Not the small tail wheel mounted on the rudder post [since removed in a weight reduction programme].
Photo above was shot today with the "AMC" marking not yet dry.
That's Richard with his head in the bowels of the Grey Ghost.
These marks were first used on a Short S.30 Flying boat.

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