Saturday, 24 January 2015

More on the Ardmore Security Fence

The 3RD Level NZ blog first broke the news online after it was revealed in the Ardmore Airport Company monthly circular in December that a 1.2m security fence is to be erected around the perimeter of the airfield.

Ardmore Airport Ltd will erect 1.3km of fencing and 25 lockable gates around the
airfield in a bid to make it New Zealand’s safest.
Chief Executive Trevor Willcock expects installation work on the 1200mm high post and four-strand wire
fence to begin in January.
He said the decision to improve the airport’s fencing was a consequence of AAL’s recent application to
Civil Aviation for a Part 139 Airport Certification. To comply, AAL had to put up more physical barriers
and signage to prevent inadvertent public entry into operational areas.
The standard, farm-style gates would vary in width depending on access circumstances.
Trevor said tenants would need to keep their gates closed.
“To secure the southeast apron operational area of the airport, we have to install a barrier arm in Harvard
Lane,” he said. “It’ll have a key pad and all tenants needing access will be supplied with the number to
ensure they have 24-hour access.”

Sadly this is a sign of the times and yet another obstacle for those who up until now have enjoyed the freedom the likes of Ardmore has provided in their bid to enjoy aviation.


  1. Ah another Stalag 13

    Yes the onslaught to destroy access to aviation continues unabated

    I am sure they are gonna wanna pass on the cost of a 1.3 km fence as well

  2. What a huge shame; being able to wander around Ardmore and take photos has been a great pleasure. This news makes me very sad.

  3. Make you wonder what this achieves? I haven't heard of any issues without fences, and 1.2M isn't exactly going to stop anyone.

    Just a downward spiral of access, I miss the CH open viewing deck, I assume it's a USA mandate, but my childhood memories on the open deck are some of my most precious. A bit of a laugh really, when in LA, you can walk along the footpath and be an open stone's throw to all the aircraft.