Monday, 26 January 2015

Drury visit on Saturday 24th # 2

Now some more shots of the gliders as captured by Magnaman from Drury last Saturday.
 One of only two in country is this Schleicher ASK 21 ZK-GAK2 (c/n 21860). This two seat trainer joined the Auckland Gliding Club on 04-11-2009.
 This somewhat earlier two seat trainer is a Schleicher Ka4 Rhonlerche. ZK-GCL (c/n 938/61). This one began is career with the Ruapehu Gliding Club in about mid 1961. It was damaged at Raetihi on 19-04-1970 but was restored to the register by Temple Martin on 12-07-1972. It was listed to the Taupo Gliding Club on 30-04-1974 and remained with them until sold to John Shearer of Whangarei on 16-12-1996. It went on line with the Whangarei District Gliding Club who took up ownership from 06-08-2004. On 14-09-2007 it was withdrawn and its registration was cancelled.
I hear that Maurice Honey now owns it and has intentions of fitting an engine in the rear.
 We have had the honour of having four Slingsby T51 Dart 15's on our register - Two still survive. ZK-GDW (c/n FMD88) is one of them. Built from a Slingsby supplied kit by Fred Dunn at Christchurch it first flew on 04-10-1964 for Jack Hanlon and Peter Renshaw of Taieri. Mike Smith of Auckland recorded a change of ownership on 02-11-1972. Still looking tidy.
 I am not sure about the noose ! but the glider probably belonged in the earlier powered posting from Drury - being the Schempp-Hirth Discus 2cT ZK-GFR (c/n 2) of Jonathon Cross. It has the Solo 2350 retractable sustainer engine.
This glider first flew in Germany as D-KOZX4 before dashing over to the US to become N93FR with Frank Pascale of Julian, Pennsylvania from 24-03-2005. It was damaged near its home base and was imported into NZ by Sailplane Services Ltd of Drury for repair.
Jonathon took it over from 20-08-2010.
 Above we have the Schleicher ASW 15 ZK-GGO (c/n 15069). This first flew on 21-11-1970 and has passed through a bunch of owners. After damage at Feilding in January of 2007 it was repaired by Sailplane Services and was listed to Geoff Gaddes on 16-09-2007.
 ZK-GKR (c/n 81) is the Schempp-Hirth HS7 Mini Nimbus as imported by Peter Lyons of Hastings and registered on 18-10-1978. It first flew here two days earlier. It was re-designated as a Mini Nimbus B on 04-11-1992 and took up residence with its current owner Bruce Barber of Auckland from 24-07-2011
 This Schempp-Hirth Discus B ZK-GPV (c/n 120) has been listed with the GPV Syndicate since 20-03-2013.
 This is the Schleicher ASW 27-18E (marketed as the ASG29) ZK-GRT (c/n 29561) with the personalised registration letters RT for Russell Thorne of Papakura. It can be fitted with wingtips to give either a fifteen or eighteen metre wingspan. As above the tips are removed for reduced storage space. It is also powered  by the Solo 2350 sustainer motor of around 20hp.
Last we have a collection of used glider bits including a portion of the Schempp-Hirth Ventus bT ZK-GVG which crashed at Opaheke on 30-01-2010. The very broken fuselage looks like something older - maybe a Cirrus ?
Sorry about all the canopy covers - but that is they way things are with gliders when they are not in flying mode.


  1. Great to see gliders featured . The Skylark 4 is to me the best looking glider ever from Slingsby.

  2. Meant to say Dart 51

  3. The glider fuselage is from Ventus b ZK-GVP which crashed at Bombay on 28.10.09