Monday, 19 January 2015

Wings over Wairarapa

There will be many pictures of the exotics posted but many others will have gone almost unnoticed. Having arrived very early I was able to catch some of the spectator aircraft, heat haze was a big problem on the day.

De Havilland Canada Chipmunk DHC 1A-1 c/n: 60, ZK-ARM

Rans S-7S Courier c/n: 1112583, ZK-PTP

Meteor Sky Arrow 480T c/n: 135, ZK-EBR

Aeronca 100 U/L c/n: AB105, ZK-AMW

Piper PA25-260 Pawnee c/n: 25-3012, ZK-CIG

Van's RV7 c/n; 70334, ZK-DES

Piper PA18-A-150 Super Cub c/n: 18-4754, ZK-BKN

Douglas DC-3 Dakota c/n: 33135, ZK-AWP

It was a great day of flying and enjoyment. My favorite must be the Aeronca 100, thrown around the sky with gay abandon! I have many more pictures on flick for thouse that may be interested.


  1. Nice to see another post from you Minicooper. How about posting some more of your shots on the blog? I think they are clearer than mine - the shortcomings of a non-SLR point and shoot are evident at airshows! I will post more over the next few days.