Tuesday, 17 July 2018

First of type at Ardmore 17-7-18

Dynali H3 EasyFlyer Sport ZK-HHQ msn H3-61-1740 of Karaka Helicopters Ltd, RD 1 Papakura seen at Ardmore early afternoon on 17-7-18. This Belgium made Ultra Light Helicopter was registered here on 28-5-18. I have seen it twice at Ardmore recently on a trailer arriving at and leaving from the airport but today is the first opportunity to photograph it.

Dominie ZK-BCP

This is a follow on from an earlier post by Sir Minty Here which contained a subtle hint that I should do a little history on ZK-BCP.

De Havilland DH89B Dominie c/n 6648.
This airframe was constructed by Brush Coachworks Ltd at their Loughborough, Leicestershire plant under contract No.65/Acft2580/C20a and was taken on charge by the Royal Air Force with the serial of HG649 and listed with 76 Maintenance Unit on 19-05-1943 for crating to ship to NZ.
It was shipped to New Zealand (along with NZ523/ZK-AKS) aboard the SS Sussex on 04-08-1943 reaching Auckland on 05-09-1943.
I would imagine it was barged over to Hobsonville for re-assembly and where it was taken on charge by the Royal New Zealand Air Force as NZ524 on 08-09-1943 by Unit 36. 
It was issued to the Central Communication Flight at Rongotai from December 1943 until going up to Fiji from 18-10-1945.
Shipped back to NZ aboard the Sheafe Holme (built 1929 - Broken up May 1965) reaching Auckland 22-08-1947 and barged to Hobsonville again. Late that month it was issued to the General Purpose Flight at Rongotai and shortly there after to 41 Squadron  at Ohakea.
It was sold by GTSB tender to Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch who registered it as ZK-BCP on 17-12-1953. A NZ C of A was issued on 01-02-1954 and it served Airwork through until February 1956 under their South Island Airways name to operate alongside their other DH89 ZK-BBP.

From 25-05-1956 it was listed to Trans Island Airways Ltd of Oamaru until being delivered up to Auckland on 11-08-1958 to Coastal Airways Ltd of Auckland with whom it was registered on 08-09-1958.
By February 1959 it was down in Christchurch and listed to Brian Chadwick (who traded as Air Charter Ltd) on 16-09-1959.
It struck a fence on landing at Queenstown on either 31-01-1962.
On 12-02-1962 Brian Chadwick and four passenger went missing in the Companies other aircraft De Havilland DH90 Dragonfly ZK-AFB -
- with the Dominie ZK-BCP passing to the Estate of Brian Chadwick and I believe it was hired to the Canterbury Aero Club briefly before being sold to Southern Scenic Air Services Ltd of Queenstown from 07-07-1964.
On 01-05-1965 SSAS became part of New Zealand Tourist Air Travel Co Ltd.
It swung into a stop bank at Milford Sound during a downwind landing on 25-03-1965.
Below we see it in TAT colours. Photo via Bob McKerrow.
Then followed a change to Mount Cook Airlines Ltd from 01-01-1968. 
Below at Milford in 1969.
                                    It ground looped into a fence at Te Anau on 16-11-1969.
I believe it was retired from Airline Service in late 1972 and stored at Te Anau.
Then on 18-07-1973 it became Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd.
It was sold to Bill Waterton of C Tracy and Co Ltd of Melbourne on 31-01-1975.
It was overhauled and noted at Taieri and had long range fueltanks fitted in December of 1974.

Here we see it at Taieri on 06-12-1974 marked up in its full Australian registration of VH-BGP - upper and lower wings as well.
I visited Taieri again on the 11th of December 1974 by which time the 'VH' tail marks had been covered by taped 'ZK' markings. The wing retaining the full VH-BGP marks.

 Above we have the hose line running from the cabin tank to the filler cap.
 Above and below - full VH-BGP markings on upper and lower wings.

  It was ferried from Christchurch to Auckland on 14-01-1975, then on to Kaitaia and Norfolk Island on 19-01-1975 and to Brisbane on the 21st the pilot being Ray Cooney and the navigator was Tedd Allen It was flown to Melbourne the next day by owner Bill Waterton.

It was registered as VH-BGP2 on 31-01-1975 to C Tracey and Co Pty Ltd of Melbourne and then on to Joe G Drage of Wodonga, Victoria and placed in his aircraft museum with an ownership change taking place on 20-05-1975 to Joseph G Drage/Drage Historical Aircraft.
On 03-04-1985 it was listed to Drage's Air World/City of Wangaratta, Victoria
Joes aircraft collection was gradually moved to Wangaratta to the Drage Air World hangar with the Dominie flying there on 21-07-1985.
As seen below by David Tanner on 18-04-1987 in the Drage Airworld museum.
Below - seen on one of its outings at Nowra in 1991 by Arthur Scarf.
It attended a few airshows until its last flight on 20-03-1997.
With the closure of Airworld the Dominie was noted for sale in December of 2002 and sold in 2004 to Bruce Ivers of Perth and registered to Dime Nominees Pty Ltd of Subaico, WA on 26-07-2004.
It was containered over to Croydon Aircraft Company of Mandeville for slow rebuild reportedly with a new scratch built fuselage.
The two photos below taken at Mandeville on 18-11-2014

Along with this note !

Photo below by Terry Fletcher at Mandeville on 17-03-2016.
Not a lot of obvious progress here.
It is still at Mandeville today.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-CJO at North Shore 12-7-2018

I was pleased to be able to photograph  Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-CJO2 at North Shore airfield last week.  I think it is a relative newcomer to North Shore, still under the ownership of AJ Whitehead who used to be based at Pauanui.

This was the first time I had ever seen ZK-CJO2 (c/n NZ91) and helpfully as I was eating a nice steak and oyster pie on the Aero Club balcony, the aircraft came to me and taxied past,

and took off.

 But it was not the first time I had photo'd this aircraft...

As I had seen it once before way back in February 2004 at the SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.  Back then it was ZK-CJN3 with Colin J Nagel of The Grange at Masterton.  Confusingly, Colin Nagel then purchased another Pioneer 300 and registered it as ZK-CJN4 (c/n 224) which was in turn re-registered as ZK-CJZ2 and then Mr Nagel went on to buy a Tecnam P2008 which he registered ZK-CJN5.

ZK-CJN3/CJO2 hasn't changed very much over the years - the colours in my 2004 photo are not so accurate as the more recent photos - but it did used to be badged as a Pioneer 300JS which was the Jabiru engined model,  but now I see that is is just badged Pioneer 300 which leads me to think it may have been re-engined at some stage.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Dunedin based Gliding Club.

                                              Otago Gliding Club Reunion 

All past members and anyone interested in forming a new Dunedin based gliding club welcome. 

Friday 10 August 2018 at 6.30 pm. 
Ironic CafĂ© 
9 Anzac Avenue 
(opposite the Railway Station

RSVP to Garth Cameron : garth@garthcameronlaw.co.nz or 03 477 1719. 

Anything you can do to publicise this event would be most appreciated.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Bell 505 ZK-HYB at Rosedale Heliport Today - 13-7-2018

I called in on a quick visit to Heletranz's heliport at Rosedale today, hoping to catch their new Bell 505.  It was there in the hangar, however there were also a large variety of other helicopters on site as well:  one each of the R 22, R 44, EC 120, Bell 427 and an AS 355 Twin Squirrel.

Bell 505 ZK-HYB4 (c/n 65086) in Heletranz's hangar.  It is our fourth example and was first registered on 2/5/18.

Single Seat Dominator ZK-RBB at Whangarei

On my way driving down to Auckland yesterday (sort of on autopilot on the separated lanes of the toll road), my interest was spiked by what I reckoned was an orange gyrocopter on a trailer heading North.  So an email to Rusty Russell, the doyen of the Northland gyrocopter scene almost immediately produced a photo by return email!

ZK-RBB3 (c/n 25) was first registered to Mike Lochner of Auckland on 14/9/15.  It has test flown at Matamata but it is at Whangarei for some more flying.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sikorsky S 76A ZK-ISJ at North Shore Today - 12-7-2018

There were two of the Northland Emergency Services Trust's Sikorsky S 76As at North Shore airfield today - ZK-IAL and ZK-ISJ.  There is normally one machine based at North Shore but today ZK-ISJ was awaiting maintenance so ZK-IAL was covering.  NEST operate three S 76As with the third one being ZK-IKM.  You can find previous posts on all three of them by typing their registrations in the search box at the top left of the blog header screen.

NEST have recently imported 2 new Sikorsky S 76C helicopters and registered them ZK-HQC5 and ZK-HQO4.  I understand that these two helicopters have now arrived at the NEST base in Whangarei and that they will not be ready for service until later in the year.

ZK-ISJ at North Shore today.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

CZAW SportCruisers (and Piper Sport) Aircraft of New Zealand (2) - 2009 and later

The SportCruiser was re-branded as the Piper Sport for one year from January 2010 to January 2011 but was still manufactured by Czech Sport Aircraft a.s. in the Czech Republic.  The Piper Sport was essentially unchanged from the SportCruiser and only 45 aircraft were sold.  We have only had one genuine Piper Sport aircraft registered in New Zealand.

After January 2011 the aircraft reverted to the SportCruiser and it has most recently been developed by Czech Sport Aircraft into the PS-28 Cruiser which is an LSA.

This is where it gets a bit confusing - the second SportCruiser to be registered as ZK-CXY.  ZK-CXY3 (c/n 09SC247) was registered to the agents Aerosport Aviation Ltd (Anton Meier) on 11/3/09.  It only appeared here for a short time as it was ferried across the Tasman to Frank and Cheryl Francis of Queensland as 24-7447.  It was cancelled from the NZ register on 29/10/09.

And then there were a couple of ZK-SXY SportCruisers.  The first 3 ZK-SXYs were Alphas and ZK-SXY4 (c/n 09SC265) was registered to Aerosport Aviation as a demonstrator on 23/12/09.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 Black Sands flyin at Raglan on 7/11/09.

It was purchased by Max Deane of Whangamata on 7/12/09 and was re-registered as ZK-MBD2 (for Max and Bev Deane) on 23/12/09, and the aircraft was re-painted as in the above photo, which was taken at Claris airfield on Great Barrier Island on 7/9/11.

ZK-SXY5 (c/n 09SC265) was another demonstrator aircraft for Aerosport Aviation in the same colours as ZK-SXY4.  It was registered on 23/12/09.  As 2010 rolled around the Piper Sport was introduced and appropriate decals were added to the aircraft as seen above on 6/2/10 at the 2010 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga, on 6/2/10.

However by 2011 the Piper Sport had gone and ZK-SXY5 was re-branded back as a SportCruiser, as in the above photo from the 2013 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 9/2/13.  As can also be seen in the above photo it was adorned with humorous notes such as Front and Back and Very SXY!  Also in the above photo the aircraft is marked as an SC-3-D model.  This was the model of SportCruiser that was going to be built at a new American owned factory at Jiuzhou in Southern China, but this never eventuated.  This was to be completely independent of the Czech Sport Aircraft operation that was still producing SportCruisers in the Czech Republic.

This has been a very well travelled and demonstrated aircraft and with nearly 800 hours on the hour meter, on 5/4/16 ownership transferred to the JW and IP Leadbeater Syndicate of Matamata (Jim and Irena Leadbeater), with the new registration ZK-LED.  It is photo'd as such at Pauanui on 11/6/17.

ZK-LSA (c/n 09SC266) was our only true Piper Sport model and it was registered to Aerosport Aviation on 25/6/10.  It was another aircraft that was flown across the Tasman to an Australian owner as 24-7552.  It was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 28/7/10, being only registered as ZK-LSA for one month, so we are fortunate to have a photo of it.

Our most recent Sport Cruiser in an imported 2008 model.  ZK-DEU2 (c/n 08SC150) was originally registered as S5-MMS in Slovenia.  It was imported into New Zealand by Aerosport Aviation and registered to Donald J Urquhart of Upper Moutere on 23/8/16.  It is photo'd above at Tauranga on 30/8/16.

I think we may see more second hand SportCruisers imported in the future but they are a relatively old design now and could be overtaken by Anton Meier's latest LSA which is the all composite ONE Pro which is described as a mini Cirrus.

Monday, 9 July 2018

CZAW SportCruisers of New Zealand (1) - 2006 to 2008 Aircraft

The SportCruiser was designed by Jiri Konecny and was built by Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW).  It first flew in 2006.  CZAW went bankrupt in 2009 but production was continued by Czech Sport Aircraft a.s., and it is still in production in 2018 with several hundred flying worldwide.

The aircraft is a low wing tricycle design with a very roomy side by side cockpit.  Construction is all aluminium.  Its length is 6.64 metres (21 feet 9 inches) and its wingspan is 8.6 metres (28 feet 3 inches) with a wing area of 132 square feet.  Empty weight is quite heavy at around 388 Kg (855 pounds) and MAUW in New Zealand is 544 Kg (1200 pounds).  It can be registered as a LSA.  With the 100 HP Rotax 912ULS engine cruise speed is around 110 mph and the stall speed is around 40 mph.

We have had 14 SportCruisers in New Zealand to date, the first lot of 2006 to 2008 aircraft is as follows:

Our first SportCruiser was ZK-CZR2 (c/n 06SC020) which was registered to Aerosport Aviation Ltd of Cambridge on 29/11/06.  Aerosport Aviation are the Australasian for the SportCruisers and have sold around another dozen or so in Australia.  On 13/7/07 ownership changed to Motueka Recreational Flight Training Ltd of Motueka and it is photo'd is in their ownership on 17/1/09 at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow.  More recently ownership transferred to Perry Shephard of Christchurch on 5/2/14.

ZK-JBZ2 (c/n 07SC034) was registered to John and Julie Bubb of Paeroa on 18/7/07.  It is also photo'd above at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow.

The very colourful ZK-CSR2 (c/n 07SC033) was registered to the Gudsell Family Trust of Hamilton (Andy Gudsell) on 3/8/07.  It is photo'd above on the 2012 Northern Microlight Club's Poker Run on 14/4/12.  The paint used changes colour according to the viewing angle. and you can see that in the above photo.

ZK-YDD (for Yankee Doodle Dandy, c/n 07SC075) was registered to Richard C Batchelor of Blenhiem on 29/11/07.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.

The next SportCruiser to be registered was ZK-CXY2 (c/n 07SC074), which was registered to Aerosport Aviation on 7/12/07.  It was used as a company demonstrator and on 26/11/08 it was sold to Aerohire Ltd of Tauranga, and the registration changed to ZK-DAR.

ZK-DAR is photo'd above at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow, on 17/1/09.  On 2/3/12 it moved to Aerohire Ltd of Whakatane (Dave and Peter Rutledge), with whom it is still current.

ZK-CSC2 (c/n 08SC110) was registered to Lindsay Brown of Waihi Beach on 14/4/08.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 6/2/09.

Another SportCruiser at the 2009 SAANZ flyin was the locally based ZK-DEC2 (c/n 08SC109) which was registered to Ian G Begbie of Ashburton on 22/4/08.

ZK-VCP2 (c/n SC700158), was first registered to Vehicle Chip Protection NZ Ltd (Jack Schaake) of Hamilton on 11/7/08.  This is the second ZK-VCP to be owned by Vehicle Chip Protection with their first being a Zenair CH 601 XL in the same colours.  The above photo of ZK-VCP2 was taken at its Te Kowhai base on 2/11/13.

And registered on the same day, 11/7/08 was ZK-WGK (c/n SC700157 - these last two c/ns seem to be a different pattern from the other SportCruiser c/ns).  It was registered to the IL and RM Manderson Trust of Whakatane and is photo'd above at the 2009 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 7/11/09.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Pitts S 1F ZK-RTP at Ardmore 6-7-2018

Another very interesting sport aircraft in the Aero Technology hangar at Ardmore last Friday was the Pitts S 1F ZK-RTP.  It is many years since I had seen this aircraft so it was great to see it in fine condition.  I have posted on this aircraft previously in my series on Pitts Specials of New Zealand at:  https://nzcivair.blogspot.com/2011/11/pitts-s-1-specials-of-new-zealand.html

ZK-RTP (c/n AACA/716) was built by Ray T Philpott of Rotorua and was first registered on 18/5/87.  It originally flew as a S 1C model with ailerons only on the lower wings and sometime in the late 1990's Ray Philpott built symmetrical airfoil Falcon wings for it with four 25% larger ailerons and square wingtips, and a sprung aluminium undercarriage.  Ownership passed to Dave Monds of Palmerston North on 22/10/10 and then to Sam Elimelech of Porirua on 23/6/15.

It has recently been purchased by Blair Sims of Auckland, on 21/5/18, and he is having the aircraft checked out by Aero Technology before boring holes in the sky in it.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

New Trojan for NZ at Ardmore 7-7-18

North American T-28B Trojan VH-DUD msn 200-164, BuNo 137801 / NJ-973 arrived at Ardmore early afternoon on delivery to, I believe a New Plymouth owner. The aircraft departed Australia from Archerfield and routed via Lord Howe and Norfolk Island before making landfall at Kerikeri before flying onto Ardmore. The aircraft is named 'Trojan Warrior'