Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Yeoman Cropmaster ZK-CPW at Hawera Aero Club Dawn Flyin

One of the aircraft that flew in to Hawera for their dawn flyin was the unique Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250R Series 2 ZK-CPW (c/n 119).  The history of this aircraft has been well covered on the blog previously, have a look  HERE

ZK-CPW is still in the ownership of Lindsay McNicol, but the aircraft is now based at Waipukurau, with revised registration letters that really fit in well with the colour scheme.  It is the only Yeoman Cropmaster left on the NZ Civil Register.

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Hawera Aero Club's Dawn Flyin - 19-8-2018

The Hawera Aero Club held their annual Dawn Flyin yesterday.  I don't know how many aircraft they were expecting but a whole lot turned up - 11 local aircraft and 57 visitors!  I suspect that part of the reason was that sport and recreational flyers were bursting to fly somewhere in great weather, and attendees came from Auckland, Te Kowhai, Te Awamutu, Otorohanga, Matamata, Whitianga, Tauranga, Whakatane, Hastings, Waipukurau, Dannevirke, New Plymouth, Opunake, Stratford, Wanganui, Feilding, Foxpine, Levin, Paraparaumu, Wellington and Omaka.

Thanks to Jordan Elvy, here are some of the aircraft that have mostly not been posted on this blog previously:

Gary Williams' new Vans RV 8 ZK-ZRV (c.n 82439) is in Hawera carrying out its test flying programme.  It was first registered on 6/3/18.  Gary has built his aircraft with a raised turtle deck which you can't see very well here with the canopy slid back.

Gordon Pettigrew's Vans RV 4 ZK-RVG has been around since 1991 and I include it here to show one of the obvious differences from the RV 8 which is the blisters cowls.  It is Stratford based so it is appropriate that is is photo'd with a lovely view of Mt Egmont in the background.

Rans S 19 Venterra ZK-JAD3 (c/n 050900071) is owned by R D McIntyre of Whangamata and was first registered to him on 11/1/11.  Sadly, it is now our sole S 19 on the register.

The Feilding Flying Club's Tecnam P 92 Echo ZK-TRD2 (c/n 1300) was first registered on 27/4/10.

and their Fly Synthesis Storch ZK-SAQ (c/n 420A-364) was also there.  It has not been posted previously with the small Feilding Flying Club script.

Also from Feilding was the Manawatu Aviation Club's Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-PAJ (c/n 101).

I hope the great weather is a good forerunner for the upcoming flyin season!

A visitor from Wanaka at Ardmore 19-8-18

Cessna 172B ZK-BZU msn 17248261 belonging to NZ Flying Adventures Ltd of Wanaka seen at Ardmore on 19-8-18. This aircraft has been posted on this blog before but not in this livery.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

AND again.

The Piper J3C ZK-AND2 c/n 6615 of the AND J3 Syndicate as seen today 19-09-2018.
It has yet to fly.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Back in 2015 Blue Bus and I were exploring a few sheds in the backblocks of Canterbury, as you do, when we sighted a yellow Piper Cub. It carried the lettering AND.

Nice to see that just last month, three years later, this J-3 Cub has now been registered as ZK-AND/2. It was previously N35846,

ZK-AND/1 was a UK-built Tiger Moth that had seen RNZAF service as NZ675 and was registered to the West Coast United AC of Hokitika in December 1946. It crashed on the Franz Josef Glacier 23Apr50 when caught in a down draft at low level.

Seen here at Rongotai in August 1947.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Van's RV 10s of New Zealand

2007 was a busy year for homebuilt and sport aircraft with seven first of types being registered, the third of which was the Van's RV 10.

The RV 10 was Van's entry into the four-seater homebuilt aircraft market. It first flew in May 2003 and as of August 2018 a total of 890 RV 10s are recorded as having flown (That's about 9% of total RVs that have flown, which is just over 10,000!).  The RV 10 was designed as a touring aircraft and therefore foregoes the crisp aerobatic handling of the earlier Van's models (RV 3 to RV 8).  construction is typical Van's with an all aluminium kit of panels with pre-drilled holes and the cabin area and gull wing doors are of carbon fibre.  Its length is 24 feet 5 inches (7.44 metres), the wingspan is 31 feet 9 inches (9.68 metres)  and the wing area is 148 square feet.  Empty weight is around 1,600 pounds (725 Kg) and MAUW is 2,700 pounds (1.224Kg) which gives a pretty good payload of around 1,100 pounds.  The typical engine is a Lycoming O-540 or IO-540 producing around 260 HP, and with this engine the cruise speed is around 200 mph while the stall speed is around 63 mph.

We have had two RV 10s in New Zealand to date, one built here and one imported:

Neil and Sarah Colliver of Bulls built their RV 10 ZK-RVT (c/n 40593) and first registered it on 11/9/07.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 Wings Over Wairarapa airshow, on 17/1/09 and it is still current.  Neil and Sarah Colliver had previously built Savannah ZK-SAV.

ZK-PHL (c/n 40388) is of similar vintage as it was first registered as VH-ICP3 to C B McGough of Broome in Western Australia on 9/11/07.  It was then owned by M and T Smits of Seymour, Victoria from 18/11/09 until it was sold to New Zealand.  It flew across the Tasman on 26 and 27/7/16 and its Australian registration was cancelled on 2/8/16.  It was registered ZK-PHL on 8/8/16 to Philip G Anderson of Hawera.  The above photo of it was taken at Stratford on 30/12/16.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Bevy of Bantams

B 22 Bantams are still quite common and Te Kowhai and Stratford provided a few:

B 22J (for Jabiru power) ZK-ZAF (c/n 07-316) taxied in at Te Kowhai.

and the Gordonton Microlight Club's nice B 22J ZK-DKT2 (c/n 05-0267) was hangared.

 with a couple of impressive air horns!

B 22 ZK-WVL (c/n 0141) was well covered in the open hangar.  It is registered to a Pongaroa owner (East of Pahiatua) so it was a long way from home.

And at Stratford the Stratford Microlite Club's B 22 ZK-FYH (c/n 0109) with Wayne Richmond about to push it back into the hangar.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

New Sonex ZK-SXR at Ardmore

Gary Briggs' new Sonex ZK-SXR (c/n 1531) was in the Taildraggers hangar at Ardmore last Saturday.  It was first registered on 5/6/18. There will be several new Sonexs registered here in the not too distant future.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Feilding on 12-8-2018

Jordan Elvy was at Feilding on Sunday and captured some interesting aircraft:  The key to checking out these aircraft is to be there when the many private hangars are open.

Torana Investment's Ltd's Aviat A-1C-180 Husky ZK-NWY2 looking smart.

And a surprise to me was Stan Hyde's Rand KR 2UL ZK-TWO2 which looks like it is on track for a return to the air.

While another of Stan Hyde's aircraft, the Porterfield 35-70 ZK-POR was tucked in beside yet another of his aircraft - the first generation microlight Ultralight Mirage ZK-EYI which dates back to 1982!

While outside in the sun was another first generation microlight: the Pterodactyl Ascender II+2 ZK-PAY was ready for flight!  This aircraft dates back to 1988 when it was first registered as ZK-PAX which was withdrawn from use and cancelled in February 2000.

ZK-PAY was registered on 7/4/05 and is now owned by the Early Bird Flying Syndicate of Feilding.  I reckon it is really neat to see these old microlights in the air and I might concentrate on them when I finish posting all our homebuilt and sport aircraft.

Thanks very much for the photos Jordan. 

Te Kowhai on 4-8-2018

It has taken me a while to get around to posting from my trip down to Stratford last weekend, but better late than never (and I still have some other aircraft to post).  There were a couple of contrasting aircraft at Te Kowhai:

Gavin Brown was doing a bit of work on the 1915 cc VW engine in his Monnett Sonerai 1 ZK-EEV2.  This is the only original single seat mid wing Sonerai in New Zealand, and was imported by Neville Cameron of Coromandel in 2013 before being sold to Gavin in 2015.  It now has a streamlined canopy in place of the higher one that it first flew with here.  The first ZK-EEV was a Sonerai 2 that was owned by Neville Cameron in the mid-1980s.

While Bill and Neroli Henwood's pristine O-200 powered Piper PA 18 Cub ZK-BQV presented a classic profile in the lovely rural setting.  They have carried out taildragger flight training in the aircraft as Classic Cubs since 2007 and carried out a total rebuild in 2015/16, restoring ZK-BQV to her original 1957 Piper scheme.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Malibu VH-BHR at Tauranga 12-08-2018

Noted today (12-08-2018) at Tauranga by Grayson Ottaway.
Piper PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage VH-BHR (c/n 4622019) was built as N9157Q in 1989 and delivered to Australia to become VH-LBE1 on 02-06-1989 with Warrnambool Bus and Motor Co of Warrnambool, Victoria
Other known operators include Breffny Engineering Pty Ltd of Tamworth, NSW from 26-11-2003 with a change to Metair Aviation Pty Ltd of Tamworth from 21-02-2006.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 08-06-2007 for a return to the States where it was certified as N113KR with Metair Aviation Inc of Grandville, Michigan on 29-06-2007.
Its US registration was canceled on 22-02-2012 for its return to Australia where it was listed as VH-BHR2 on 01-03-2012 with David A Rampa of Cremorne, NSW.
It ferried over to NZ from Coffs Harbour to Lord Howe Island on 24-10-2017 and then on to Auckland and Wellington the next day.
Ownership changed to VHBHR Pty Ltd of Fitzroy, Victoria for operations by Capital Aviation Ltd of Wellington on 01-02-2018.

An earlier post on VH-BHR can be seen on the MRC blog HERE.

Progress on Solent ZK-AMO.

A few shots below from Mike Smith via Sir Minty showing the progress being made on the Short S45A Solent 4 ZK-AMO at MoTaT.

ZK-AMO is c/n SH1559 and was delivered  to Tasman Empire Airways Ltd on 29-11-1949 and given the name 'Aranui'.
It was the last of the TEAL Solents - being retained for use on the 'Coral Route' from 1954 until its withdrawal from use on 14-09-1960 with 14,500 airframe hours.
It was stored at Hobsonville until May of 1966 and then moved over to the MoTaT.

Below a couple of earlier shots of ZK-AMO parked in the open at Meola Road.

 The three shots above taken on 14-10-1972.
 Above on 29-08-1985.
Below on 06-01-1986.

Hamilton 11-08-2018

Three photographs from Magnaman's visit to Hamilton Airport on Saturday 11-08-2018.
The Cessna 404 Titan VH-ZUI (c/n 404-0693) flew over from Gold Coast into Auckland on 29-06-2018 and down to Hamilton the next day. 
It is still currently listed with Avcair Pty Ltd of Hamilton, Queensland.
This aircraft has a NZ history as ZK-NDY between 21-04-2005 and 15-08-2013.
See previous posts on ZK-NDY  HERE.  and  here.
 In another corner of the field was the Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-KED (c/n 215) which has been registered since 03-07-2017.
This Diamond DA 42 Twin Star ZK-EAP3 (c/n 42.258) arrived in country as VH-DTS2 from Norfolk Island on 18-07-2018, having departed Moruya for Canberra International on the 15th - then to Port Macquarie on the 17th and then on to Lord Howe and Norfolk becoming ZK-EAP with  the Ardmore Flying School Ltd from 26-07-2018

 Built as OE-VPI by Diamond Aircraft Industries it became VH-DTS2 with Alan Ferguson Pty Ltd of Garran, ACT on 28-08-2007. 

Saturday, 11 August 2018


A visit to Matamata airfield yesterday provided a number of interesting aircraft including R44 sprayer ZK-HAZ wearing Central Helicopters 2014 Ltd, Opotiki titling

Added to the New Zealand Aviation fleet this year diesel powered Cessna 172R ZK-NUC now carries the operator's titling and logo

Locally based Furio ZK-PPK was visiting and is the fourth example to be registered.

Bristells at Pauanui

Recent 2 Bristell imports,  ZK-NGT and NGZ,  joined a contingent of 7 other Waikato aircraft for a mini flyin to Pauanui,  enjoying the stunning Friday weather on the Coromandel

Friday, 10 August 2018


A visit to a busy Hamilton Airport revealed some interesting aircraft including Cessna 172R ZK-CBC which was imported from Australia by Aeromotive earlier this year and has now been converted to diesel power.

Up from Rotorua for maintenance was Hughes 269C ZK-HGG

Visiting from its Nelson base the Aerial Surveys Cessna 402B ZK-MAP

And the latest addition to the Waikato Aero Club fleet in July 2018 was Cessna 172S ZK-WKF,  which was formerly ZK-JCG.