Thursday, 22 June 2017

Cessna 172C ZK-CCF

I am sorry to have to tell you - but I like the earlier Cessna 172's.
The ones with the real engines - Continental O-300 poking out 145hp on a good day.
Also with the 'Johnson Bar' flaps arrangement.
This post is about the Cessna 172C Skyhawk ZK-CCF (c/n 49536) which had been allocated the US registration of N2036Y by Cessna Aircraft Company.
A useless piece of info for you - which I've probably mentioned previously - is that in the Cessna's of this period the last two numbers of the c/n were usually the last two numbers of its US registration.
Anyway - It came to NZ thanks to Rural Aviation Ltd of New Plymouth for registration as ZK-CCF on 20-08-1962 before ferry up to the Auckland Aero Club at Ardmore.
Below we see it at Paraparaumu on 17-01-1971
It passed on to F E Pike of Auckland from 23-04-1971, and it was noted below at Dairy Flat on 15-10-1972.
Below we have it in colour at Dairy Flat on 11-06-1973.
Frank sold it on to W K Allen of Tuatapere from 22-01-1976
(after which Frank operated the Cessna 172L ZK-DFX, the 180A ZK-BVG, the 150H ZK-CTD, the unusual Yeoman-Hanes Cropmaster ZK-CDI and from January 1997 the Hughes 269A ZK-HAP2. Still got it I think.
W K Allen also operated a varied collection of aircraft over the years.
R G Horrell of Te Tua, Riverton, was listed from 13-03-1979 and it got a new coat of paint not long afterwards - as seen below at Momona on 19-03-1980 -
                     before ownership passed to Dalhoff and King Ltd on 30-04-1980.
                       They sold it on to Hugh Gilbertson of Gore from 14-09-1981.
                          Hugh purchased the Mooney ZK-CKF in July 1982 and sold ZK-CCF 
                                             to L S Stretter of Christchurch as from 04-10-1982.
It was relisted on 24-01-1991 to Stockbuilt Manufacturing Co Ltd of Christchurch and is seen below (from both sides) near the CAA hangar on 15-01-1991.

It moved up to Napier with John Finlay Motors Ltd from late January of 1995 and then on to C R Bowden of Mangonui from February 1996 and then quickly moved to Quantum learning NZ Ltd of Kerikeri from 23-04-1996. Then followed a transfer over to the Bay of Islands Aero Club at Kerikeri on 24-05-2005.
Next listed owner was Errin Hallen of Whangamata from 27-12-2007.
Below we see it at Thames on 08-02-2008 still carrying 'Quantum College of Aviation' signage on its fuselage.
Then - below - as seen at Thames on 15-03-2009 without the signage.
And at Whitianga on 28-01-2012.
Jack Mounsey of Picton took it over from 13-04-2016 and we see it below at Tauranga on 07-06-2017 in a new paint scheme.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Whangarei Pitts ZK-JNW

I have never actually seen the Pitts S-1S ZK-JNW in the flesh.  However a recent trawl around the web turned up the Whangarei Flying Club Facebook page with some nice air to air shots of it over the Whangarei Heads area.  So herewith with their approval (thanks Rusty):

 Peter Garlic flying and Paul Shaw behind the lens.

ZK-JNW is owned by Don McMillan from Kaikohe but it is mainly based at Whangarei along with Don's other biplane, his recently purchased Steen Skybolt ZK-RSC.  Don also owns a couple of Mooneys.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

ZK-NCD back in the air

Flying today from Tauranga - I believe for the first time since 2005 - was the Rutan VariEze ZK-NCD (c/n AACA/439)
 Above is a screenshot from a video 
Above is an RNZAF Texan  II NZ1403 which had just completed a couple of circuits and stopped for lunch.
In the rear is ZK-NCD taxiing back after its flight.
This VariEze was built by Charlie Down of Gisborne and registered using his initials to become ZK-NCD on 27-10-1988. Charlie was an ex Ag pilot with Aerial Farming, Aerial Projects and Fieldair before retiring in about 1977.
It was sold to Alan Monnox of Lyttelton and was based at Christchurch International untl sold to Tacan NZ Ltd of Mount Maunganui from 14-12-2015.

Below is a shot of ZK-NCD taken at Christchurch on 07-11-2007.

Monday, 19 June 2017


Added to our register on 28-04-2017 for the Waikato Aero Club (Inc) [Waikato Aviation] was the Diamond DA 42 Twin Star ZK-WGA (c/n 42.199).
It is seen here outside the Aeromotive Ltd hangar at Hamilton last Thursday.

Below is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it recently.
Another of the three Diamond DA 42 Twin Star’s that were trucked into Aeromotive Ltd at Hamilton last October has graduated onto our register. 
Initially allocated the Diamond factory test registration of OE-VPI it migrated down to Australia to become VH-FGO with Fugro Financial Resources B.V of Jandakot West Australia on 21-11-2006 for operations by Fugro Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd. This aircraft spent five weeks in NZ in 2009 on survey work with its long nose mounted anomaly boom. 
It became ZK-WGA on 28-04-2017 listed with the Waikato Aero Club (Inc) at Hamilton. 
The 'GA' of the registration being the initials of a Club Life member.

It has been blogged previously as VH-FGO see HERE

CTC Aviation

The training aircraft from the CTC Hamilton based fleet are regular visitors to Pauanui,  and lately they have had a subtle addition to their titling  by way of "an L3 company"  reflecting the ownership of CTC by US company L3 Technologies.   Cessna 172S's ZK-CDW and ZK-CTA reflect this as below.

Volmer Sportsman ZK-CTY Update

I looked at the You Tube clip of the nice scale model of Volmer Sportsman ZK-CTY and wondered why the builders (who were German or continental I assume?) chose to model their aircraft as a New Zealand example.

But it was also very timely because ZK-CTY has "resurfaced" recently (not quite literally!).  There have been reports on Wings Over New Zealand about a seaplane lying derelict in a field near where SH 2 turns off SH 1 South of Auckland.  Well it turned out that it was ZK-CTY which I would have thought was fading away to that great seaplane home over the far horizon.....

But the outlook for ZK-CTY has taken a turn for the better.  It was rescued from its field by Stan Smith and trailered away as caught by Mike Condon at Ardmore on 25/5/17.  Stan now has it at his North Shore airfield base and he tells me that he is going to restore it to flying condition.

I hope the builders of the scale ZK-CTY can read this and add it to the story of their model.

If you are interested in the history of Volmer Sportsmans of New Zealand have a look at:

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Volmer Sportsman ZK-CTY scaled down

Following on from the previously post on the Volmer Sportsman as seen Here

I have this link as sent in by Simon Brown.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


A fine calm Saturday brought a variety of visitors to Pauanui including the aptly registered Coromandel Flying Club's Tecnam P92S ZK-CFC,   the Foxcon Terrier ZK-NRS from Whakatane and still looking very smart,  the 30 year old Pazmany PL-2 ZK-TLP from Tauranga.

New Colours for Vans RV 7 ZK-DVS

Almost exactly one year ago I posted about Dean Voelkerling's new RV 7 ZK-DVS2.  The link is :  At that stage it was in primer for the test flying.

Now Dean has sent photos of his aircraft painted in an attractive swirly colour scheme:

Thanks very much for the photos Dean.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Dynamic Quartet

Thanks again to Bruce Drake, we have this photo of a Dynamic quartet lined up at his Fernside Field base on 13/10/09.  ZK-EWW, the first ZK-DYN, ZK-DYZ and ZK-FUZ.  Nice!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Aerospool WT 9 Dynamics of New Zealand

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand was the Aerospool Dynamic, in January 2004.

The Aerospool WT 9 Dynamic was among the first of the European composite sport aircraft to use carbon fibre sandwich construction technology similar to gliders, and this results in pleasing compound curves and a very smooth finish.  It first appeared in 2001 and is manufactured by Aerospool spol. s.r.o. of Prievidza in Slovakia.  The aircraft is supplied ready to fly from the factory as a microlight or LSA and more than 500 have been built to date.  It is of 2 seat side by side low wing configuration with either a fixed or retractable tricycle undercarriage and it can be powered by Rotax 912 or turbo 914 engines.  A recent development of the airframe is the four seat WT 10 Advantic.

Specifications for the WT 9 Dynamic are:  length 6.40 metres (21 feet), wingspan 9.00 metres (29 feet 6 inches) and the wing area is 111 square feet.  Empty weight of the microlight version is around 264 Kg (582 pounds) and MAUW in New Zealand is 544 Kg (1,200 pound).  With a 100 HP Rotax 912 the cruise speed is around 250 km/hr (155 mph) and the stall speed is around 65 km/hr (40 mph).

We have had nine Dynamics in New Zealand to date, all imported by Drake Aviation Ltd who are the Australasian agents for the aircraft.

Bruce Drake of Drake Aviation imported his first Dynamic in 2003 and registered it a ZK-DYN(amic) on 24/1/04.  Its c/n is DY038/2003 and it was registered as OM-AERO by the factory.  It is photo'd above very early on in its life at the 2004 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

It's wings were later upgraded with increased fuel capacity fuel tanks and winglets as seen here at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.

On 7/5/10 Drake Aviation re-registered the aircraft as ZK-ZOW (to allow for the registration of ZK-DYN2) and it was sold to JML Dillon of Picton on 20/12/10.  And on 23/12/14 it was sold to the MJ and KG Blomfield Family Trust of Otautau.  It is photo'd above at the recent RAANZ flyin at Rangiora, on 31/3/17.

ZK-EWW (c/n DY057/2004) was registered to Kevin J Slattery of Kerikeri on 26/8/04.  It is photo'd above at the 2005 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 12/3/05.

In 2008 it was returned to the factory where new generation wings were fitted that incorporated 125 litre fuel tanks and winglets, as seen in this photo taken at Paul Hopper's airstrip at Silverdale just prior to the 2009 Northern Microlight Club's Poker Run, on 28/3/09.  On 2/8/16 it was sold to the EWW Partnership of Picton (and Kevin Slattery then bought Dynamic ZK-FUZ).

ZK-DYZ (c/n DY146/2006) was imported by Drake Aviation and was registered to them on 31/10/06.  As can be seen it is a fixed gear model.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 7/2/09.  It was used as a demonstrator and on 11/4/11 ownership transferred to the Marlborough Aero Club.

ZK-MLC (c/n DY145/2006) was registered to Graeme and Judy Milne of Cambridge on 8/11/06 and it is still owned by them.  It is another fixed gear model and it is photo'd above at a flyin at Parakai on 19/2/11.

ZK-FUZ (c/n DY314/2009) was registered to Bridget and David Jones of Picton on 8/10/09. It is photo'd above at Fernside Field on 13/10/09.  On 2/8 16 ownership changed to Kevin J Slattery, now of Rangiora.

Kevin Slattery re-registered the aircraft as ZK-DYK2 on 9/8/16 and it is photo'd above as such at the 2017 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 5/2/17.

ZK-DYN2 (c/n DY375/2010) was registered to Drake Aviation on 6/7/10 and it is still registered to them.  It is photo'd above in their hangar at Fernside Field, near Rangiora, on 10/10/14.

ZK-DVM (c/n DY408/2011) was registered to Stephen J and Phoebe Field of Cheviot on 20/6/11.  It is photo'd above at Rangiora on 25/7/15.

ZK-DYT (c/n DY502/2014) is a fixed gear Rotax 914 turbo engined example that is badged as a Dynamic Turbo Tow.  It was registered to Drake Aviation Ltd on 24/4/14 and it is photo'd above at Fernside Field on 10/10/14.  It is configured for glider towing and you can see the towhook below the tail.  On 9/6/15 ownership changed to the Canterbury Gliding Club and it now tows gliders from their base at Springfield.

ZK-DYA2 (c/n 546/2015) was registered to Drake Aviation on 1/12/15 and is also a fixed gear Turbo Tow model.  It is photo'd above at the Aerospool base at Prievidza on 22/9/15 before being shipped to New Zealand.  Thanks very much to Bruce Drake for the photo.

With the success of the Dynamic in New Zealand to date, I think it is likely that we will see more of them in the future.  They are a very nice aircraft.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

First flight 63 years ago

I have been reminded that the first Flight of the Prototype Fletcher FU-24 N6505C took place on 14-06-1954 at Pasadena, California.

Its first flight in New Zealand as ZK-BDS was on 24-09-1954.

Check out the Pacific Aerospace Corporation website

And also  Here  to see an Fletcher FU-24 model.

Below is an extract from the Ed Coates collection

The Fletcher FU-24 was originally a John Thorp creation, designed for the Fletcher Aircraft Corp specifically as an agricultural aircraft.  The above machine is the prototype and first flew out of the old Rosemead Airport in the San Gabriel Valley district of Los Angeles (just off the San Bernardino Freeway, where the local US Government offices now are) in June of 1954. 
It carried the US registration N6505C and became ZK-BDS upon arrival in New Zealand.
It is the only one which had an open cockpit.   Eleven complete aircraft were subsequently shipped to New Zealand and this was followed by some 100 kits delivered to the Cable-Price Corporation for assembly in Hamilton. This concern eventually purchased the manufacturing rights for the design and became, after several name changes, Pacific Aerospace Corporation. 
ZK-BDS was still flying in the new millenium although successive rebuilds had ensured that very little of the original airframe remained.  Sadly, and just short of its fiftieth birthday, (surely a record for agricultural aircraft?) the machine struck a hillside on 20 Sept 2003 whilst attempting to turn back to Whakatane after encountering low ceiling on a positioning flight  for Super Air Ltd.   The two occupants, although badly injured, survived.  This aircraft is historic that I understand attempts may be made to salvage the remains and restore it.

Kawasaki BK117 ZK-IYY

Making Ardmore its home briefly is the Heli A1 Ltd Kawasaki BK117 C-1 ZK-IYY. Registered to the Otrohanga based operated in early December 2016, the BK117 came ex Japan where it flew as JA6679 with the Ehime Fire and Disaster Corporate from 21 August 1996 until its cancellation on export to NZ in October 2016. Online photos indicate the helicopter was imported to Hamilton for reassembly and NZ certification.

Arriving at Ardmore 09 June 2017. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Aircraft down East Pukekohe

Reports are coming in  of an aircraft down.

Click  Here

A 'Tailwind' landing not far from the strip !!

Pauanui Sunday

A stunning Coromandel Sunday brought lots of flying activity to Pauanui with half coming from Tauranga for coffee and/or lunch

Included amongst the Tauranga group was the 1955 vintage Super Cub ZK-BKA and one of the Sunair Aztec fleet which dont often visit Pauanui, ZK-ERM

From elsewhere was the very smart Sportcruiser ZK-LED from Matamata, and two Auckland based Bird Dogs ZK-DOG & ZK-FYA.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Beech A 36 Bonanza at North Shore 8-6-2017

Beechcraft A 36 Bonanza ZK-DPT2 (c/n E-759) was at North Shore airfield in the late afternoon sun yesterday.  It is owned by Enfield Contracting Services Ltd of Mt Maunganui who have owned it since 19/4/07.  It was imported into New Zealand and registered to the Tauranga Aero Club on 2/4/03.  Prior to that it had been VH-SGS but was previously ZK-ECB for a short time from November 1975, and its original US registration was N9390S.

Tecnam Day

A plethora of Tecnams visited Pauanui today taking advantage of the stunning June weather.  These included two P96s from Hamilton,  ZK-TEB and ZK-SAM,  the latter not being seen here before.  SAM was ZK-DMT in an earlier life.