Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Medivac Nextant Jet at Ardmore 1-4-2015

A new type of small jet for New Zealand, a Nextant Aerospace 400TXi (which is a remanufactured Beechjet 400A), ZK-NXJ was registered to Skyline Aviation Ltd of Napier on 25/2/2015.  It is ex N111CX.  I understand that it will be used as an air ambulance aircraft for Hawkes Bay.

A post on our sister MRC Avaition blog gives more details of this first of type jet at

ZK-NXJ outside Hawker Pacific at Ardmore.  It is registered as a Beech 400A.

Spitfire Mk XIV ZK-XIV at Ardmore Today 1-4-2015

Of course the real reason for our trip to Ardmore today was to see progress on the Spitfire Mk XIV at AvSpecs.  It is getting real close to flying as can be seen in the photo below.  Some last minute engine accessory parts arrived early this morning from America, and the remaining panels were painted overnight.  I really hope it can make it to Omaka for all those eagerly looking forward to seeing it.

Getting very close.

Cockpit detail.

Rolls Royce Griffon V 12 engine.

And a pretty impressive spinner!

North American T 28B Trojan ZK-TGN Progress at Ardmore 1-4-2015

What a lovely day for another visit to Ardmore. And what an amazing selection of aircraft to see!

I will start off with progress on the North American T 28B Trojan of Brian Hall, that is having its propellor fitted today.  Mike Condon has previously posted about his aircraft with its history from Blue Bus at:

It is an impressive machine!

You can see the propellor in the foreground.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rangitata Island fly-in on the 28th.

Allan Bowman dropped into Rangitata Island for the fly-in on Saturday.
Here are three of his shots from that day.
There were over twenty aircraft lined up on the field.
Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-MVS is c/n 049 and is listed with Maximum Adventures of Wanaka. 
It is a permanent part timer at NZRI.
Solving all of the problems.
The Godfrey Brothers on the left; Paul (ZK-KNZ) obscured, with hand on prop hub, and Michael (ZK-KIV)with back to us. On the right we have Brian Jones (ZK-FOJ) bearded and Les Eade (ZK-LVE).
Above is a portion of the line up.

Monday, 30 March 2015


Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth registered half a dozen Cessna 180's on 11-08-1953.
One of these was ZK-BDF (c/n 30179).
ZK-BDF gained its CofA on 01-11-1953.
Its NZ registration was cancelled on 31-10-1957.
It went to Hazair Agricultural Services at Orange in NSW as VH-AFK5 on 22-11-1957.
It was crashed at Timor in NSW on 27-03-1958.
This was the earliest production 180 in the country until the arrival of ZK-WGT (c/n 30012) on the register on 05-01-2007.

The classic top photo of ZK-BDF comes from the CMM collection.

Lower photo is by Jim Dyson and comes from the Ed Coates collection.