Sunday, 2 August 2015

AACA Historical - Luton Minor ZK-CLL

Built by Kip Netherclift at Napier and first registered in September 1974, Luton Minor ZK-CLL was powered by one of the two the 2 cylinder JAP engines that came with Aeronca ZK-AMW (and is now back in ZK-AMW).  It is photo'd below by Allan Wooller at Porangahau in 1978.

You can see more on the history of ZK-CLL (and our other Luton Minor) at:

Almost Missed - ZK-HLP.

One that seem to have slipped through the gaps is the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HLP4 (c/n 11436).
As you can see from the above shot - this flying machine had a life in Australia before coming to NZ. Heliflite Pty Ltd at Bankstown first listed it as VH-HWF on 11-10-2006 before it went onto the books of Westpac Banking Corporation of Concord West, Sydney on 06-12-2006.  
They were kind enough to let Elimatta Pty Ltd of Sutton, near Canberra, operate it until it moved on to Peter Antunac of Kenthurst in North Sydney from 01-03-2010 for operations by Aerowasp Pty Ltd out of Camden, NSW.
 Photo above shows VH-HWF not long out of its container from Australia.
It is seen here at the Heli Maintenance facility at Christchurch International on 27-08-2014. 
Two days later it appeared on the NZ Civil register as ZK-HLP4 with W R and G F Hales of Hanmer Springs.
On 23-09-2014 I caught it below marked up as ZK-HLP at Heli Maintenance.
Below - at Heli Maintenance on Thursday 30-07-2015

More from Wellington on Thursday

A few more pics from Bargeldo1's trip to Wellington on Thursday the 30th.
 The Jetstar Airbus A320 VH-VQU above and the Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQH of QANTAS below on final for Wellington 16. Long shots taken from Mt Vic.

 Here we have two Raytheon 1900D's. ZK-EAJ just landed above and ZK-EAO, below, near the holding spot for a 16 departure. 
 Over near the Aero Club was the Piper PA-38-112 ZK-WAC2 (c/n 38-82A0086). 
Wellington based since around early 2002 - initially as ZK-WAH.
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Friday, 31 July 2015

LongEze ZK-LET - Flying Shots

Following receipt of Hairy Mole Rat's photos of the LongEze jet ZK-LET at Tauranga yesterday, I emailed him back to see if he had any flying photos.

Yes he did and here they are!

Overhead at 2,000 feet...

And landing.

It sure is unusual!

Yet more from WLG from Bargeldo1 on 30-07-2015

 Absolutely Positively Wellington.
You can just see the wind waiting to pounce.
Two of the Wellington Aero Clubs Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawks were out to play.
ZK-ESG is c/n 38-79A0379 has been with the Club since early 2011 - It is still in its basic ex Canterbury Aero Club scheme.
And ZK-TAW is c/n 38-78A0716 returned to the Club in January 2012 having had three previous spells there; and also a stint with the Wellington Flying Centre back in 2005 under its old ZK-JFD letters.
 Virgin Australia's Boeing 737-8FE VH-VOY (c/n 33996) is ex ZK-PBD and now carries the name "Brighton Beach".
 Below is the QANTAS tin pigeon (or should that be pidgeon ?) Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQF (c/n 34204) "Abel Tasman". It has been with us since February of 2011.
Thanks to Bargeldo1 for the fine pics from a fine Wellington.