Thursday, 24 July 2014

Yet more from Ardmore today (24-07-2014)

Magnaman had another good day at Ardmore today.
 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMW2 (c/n 2555) has just recently moved to Ardmore for Heliflite Charters and Training Ltd. It has been around since late 1995. It got a mention back in November 2008. See:-
Since then it has spent time with Terry Hart at Reefton; Nelson Aviation College; back to Terry Hart again; Blue Skies Helicopters at "The Mount", and recently with Helicopter Training at Hamilton.
 Still wearing its Jordanian Police Markings of P-O2 is the MBB BO 105 CBS-4 ZK-IBO2 (c/n S-801) which has been registered to Oceania Aviation Ltd since 17-04-2013.
 Wearing a temporary tape registration - ZK-IEC - a Eurocopter EC 130 T2 (c/n 7841) for Craig Boote of Endurance Fishing - joined our register yesterday.
 Obove is the Ted Smith 601B Aerostar ZK-JOS (c/n 61-0361-116). This was shipped into NZ, arriving in May of 2004, and was first registered with North Shore Compliance Centre Ltd on 12-10-2004. A name change had it listed to Coventry Motors Ltd on 21-07-2008.
Also built by Piper - It is one of six we have seen on the register - with two remaining - plus another airframe on rebuild.
 Registered to the NAM syndicate since 08-03-2002 is this Cessna O-1F Bird Dog ZK-NAM2 (c/n 24106). Built as s/n 57-2928 for the US Army for onward delivery to the Republic of Vietnam Air Force.
This Cessna A185E ZK-SMS (c/n 18502041) spent its early years in Canada - coming to NZ for a rebuild by Advanced Aero Engineering Ltd at Hamilton to be registered here on 04-02-1997 and then being listed to Hayward Leisure Company from 01-05-1997.

Recent Helicopters at Ardmore.

Eurocopter EC 130 T2 ZK-IEC msn 7841 photographed returning from a flight at Ardmore today. This helicopter was placed onto the register yesterday to Endurance Fishing Company Ltd, Port Nelson, Nelson. The registration letter's look some what temporary. 

ZK-IEC as yet unregistered having rotor blades fitted outside Airbus Helicopters at Ardmore on 22-7-14

Also outside Airbus Helicopters on 22-7-14 was Eurocopter EC 120B ZK-ITC msn 1015 operated by Birch Park Ltd of Pakuranga Auckland. Note the pop out floats. 

Down the road at Oceania Aviation are two recently imported ex Aero Asahi  of Japan Aerospatiale AS 350B's JA9316 msn 1541 on skids and JA9326 msn 1557 sitting on the pallet.

Bell 206B Jetranger ZK-HJT msn 3323 photographed outside Heliflite Pacific Ltd  at Ardmore on 21-7-14.  It was registered to them on 17-6-14 and is ex VH-OCU / JA9291

Monday, 21 July 2014

Auckland departing shots.

A few parting shots as Bargeldo1 departs Auckland today.
 Nothing exciting for you Aucklanders but maybe another angle to look at
things from.
I think there is quite a mix of generations here, the latest
technology in the 787 at the top end and then a DC3 and the Convair at the lower end.
Sorry for the poor quality shots but it was pretty poor rainy weather and
the window on this 777 is crazed and in need of a good scrub.

 And this is the first time that I have caught up with the Jaffa Jetstar Airbus VH-VGF.
 This will be the last time I see 747 ZK-SUH before it heads off to the scrap man shortly.
 The Air Freight GD Allison Convair 340/5800 ZK-KFS hides behind the Air Chathams DC3C ZK-AWP.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A few from Ardmore Sunday the 20th.

Magnaman was busy at Ardmore today and offers these pics
Above is the short legged Kawasaki Heavy Industries Hughes 369HS ZK-IAC which has the c/n of 6644 and is listed to Hull Properties of Penrose.
 It was built as JA9184 in late 1977 and moved down to the Philippines in about September of 1992. It came to NZ thanks to Wing and Rotor and was registered here on 22-01-2002 with around 5100 flying hours. It joined its current owners in June of 2004.
 Piper PA-44-180 Seminole ZK-MBV (c/n 44-7995156) served its apprenticeship in Australia as VH-IJA between September of 1988 and November of 2004
It was listed with CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd as ZK-MBV on 22-11-2004 and transferred over to the RNZAF Base Auckland Aviation Sports Club Inc on 21-06-2012.
 This Beechcraft B200C Super King Air arrived at Auckland as N188TC and after formalities carried on down to Bridge Pa on 28-03-2005 28-03-2008.
It became ZK-PLK with Skyline Aviation Ltd on 09-04-2008.
It is of late November 1982 vintage.
 Aerospatiale AS 350B JA9316 (c/n 1541) was partially visible through the window at Oceania.
Below is a full view of it as seen at the Tokyo Heliport by Bargeldo1 on 10-05-2012.

A few from NZCH on Sunday the 20th

Not long out of the paint shop in her new scheme is the Boeing 737-8FE ZK-PBK (c/n 36604).
This was rolled out by Boeing on 02-06-2008, was registered as VH-VUP on the 10th, first flew on the 12th and was handed over to VBNC9 Pty Ltd (Virgin Blue Australia) on the 27th. It was named (after a naming auction) as "Holly Hunter". If ferried into Melbourne on 29-06-2008.
On 29-07-2008 its Australian registration was cancelled and it was re-registered as ZK-PBK on the 31st to Pacific Blue Airlines (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch.
Its first ZK revenue flight was its delivery from Melbourne to Christchurch on 09-08-2008. It was re-named "Maiden New Zealand".
It was re-registered to Virgin Australia Airlines (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch on 08-12-2011.
It now carries the "Lighthouse Beach" name.
The photographs above and below were taken today by Bargeldo1.
The pic below was taken at Christchurch on 17-06-2009 by Dave Paull.
The Lockheed LC130H 76-3301 (c/n 382-4725) in the background is a 1977 vintage with a story to tell - but not here.
On the other side of the field today - Peter Anderson popped in for the night in his Dyn'Aero MCR 4S ZK-PSA c/n 104.