Saturday, 3 December 2016

Pauanui today 03-12-2016

Richard Currie reports again from Pauanui with four sightings from today - Saturday 03-12-2016.
 ZK-DAR (c/n 07SC074) started life as ZK-CXY2  back on 13-12-2007 with the NZ agents Aerosport Aviation Ltd of Cambridge.
This Czech Aircraft Works Sportscruiser was sold to Dave and Peter Rutledge of Aerohire Ltd on 26-11-2008 and was re-registered as ZK-DAR the same day.
 The Vans RV 7A ZK-ECE2 (c/n 73638) is the Steve and Pauline Carr machine from Tauranga.
 The Tecnam P2002-JF UL ZK-MEL (c/n 007) was listed to Martin Lobb on 20-07-2011.
It is actually a re-registration of what was originally listed as ZK-ROZ with Skylease Ltd back on 20-12-2004. It moved over to Auckland Flight Training Ltd at Ardmore on 17-03-2006 until acquire by Martin in 2011..
This Tecnam Astore UL ZK-RGH (c/n 041) was first registered to Cambridge Bee Products Ltd on 07-09-2015 and uses the initials of its owner Richard G Haddrell for its registration.
It was transferred to Benn Road Ltd of Cambridge on 12-05-2016.

Lady Minty in Cli-mate Cli-mate 100 ZK-EZY

A birthday trip up to Dargaville today produced the normal crop of local aircraft for the Saturday lunch which was a Christmas lunch today with Father Christmas attending.

Paul Hopper travelled up from North Shore in his Cli-mate Cli-mate 100 ZK-EZY2 (a modified Foxcon Terrier).  He generously took Lady Minty as a passenger on the return flight which sure beats the 2 hour road trip.

Friday, 2 December 2016


A Christchurch local that I have not seen out and about much is the Cessna T206H Stationair Turbo ZK-TDO (c/n T20608358).
This is a 2002 model that came onto the NZ register on 24-09-2012 for Brett and Lorinda Mascull of BLM Holdings of New Plymouth.
It was taken up by the James Burn Trust of Christchurch from 01-08-2015.

Surveillance Dash Eight VH-LCL at NZCH

Spied mid-afternoon at Christchurch International Airport - just before it departed to the North - was the De Havilland DHC-8-202Q VH-LCL (c/n 492) as registered to Fugro LADS Corporation Pty Ltd and as operated by Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd of Adelaide Airport.
It has been on the Australian register since 13-01-1998.
Note the 'NAVY' markings on the fuselage and the Royal Australian Navy crest on the fin.
It also totes the Australian flag and LADS HYDROGRAPHY script below the cockpit.
More pics and a couple of links on the MRC site HERE

Pauanui visitors today.

Richard Currie - our man on site at Pauanui - sent in these two shot of two of todays visitors.
 The Cessna 182Q ZK-WSJ (c/n 182-65785) is a 1977 model with an extensive US and Australian history.
 It was purchased in Western Australia by its NZ owner Alan Miers and ferried from Perth to Auckland via Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Carnarvon, Mount Augusta, Exmouth, Broome, Hall Creek, Kununurra, Darwin, Bulawayo Station, Kununarra, Tennant Creek, Cloncurry, Cairns, Emerald, Toowoomba, Coolangatta, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island reaching Auckland on 29-07-1999.
It became ZK-WSJ on 04-04-2000.
Ownership passed to the Tait Family Trust of Ashburton on 24-03-2011 and transferred to its current owners Richard and Denise Tait on 20-03-2012.
A frequent visitor to Pauanui is the Lance and Robin Kerr Family Trusts Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-KER (c/n 267) from Huntly.