Thursday 20 June 2024

Just Aircraft SuperSTOL ZK-SNP

We have previously posted about Peter Steers' Just Aircraft SuperSTOL ZK-SNP but we didn't have a very clear photo of it.

However Clive Wilkinson was at the Taildraggers Day at Hastings back in November 2023 and took this nice photo of Peter Steers in ZK-SNP probably winning the spot landing competition.

The aircraft has since been sold to the SNP Syndicate of Motueka, as from 5/3/24.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Curtiss P40N Kittyhawk ZK-CAG exported.

The Curtiss P40N-1-CU c/n 28492 was manufactured for the USAAF, allocated the serial number 42-104730 and delivered to Australia under the Lend Lease Scheme.
As A29-448 with the Royal Australian Air Force it was damaged on landing at Tadji, PNG, in May 1944 and 'released for salvage' on 30-10-1944.
Leaping forward - Charles Derby recovered it from Tadji and freighted it to New Zealand and stored it until going into partnership with Garth Hogan (Pacific Aircraft) for restoration. This was completed by Pioneer Aero Restorations and the aircraft was registered as ZK-CAG2 on 08-03-2000 to The Kittyhawk Partnership (Charles Derby & Garth Hogan) and first flew on 17-03-2000.
It carried the name 'Currawong' and was also mark "Dedicated to the memory of Mark" (ie Mark Hanna).
Interestingly it carried the RAAF serial A29-448 on its port side and serial A29-1050 on its starboard side. To find out more about this work your way through the two following links.

Ownership passed to the Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd (Frank Parker & Liz Needham) at Ardmore on 20-09-2012.
It was crated by Pioneer at Ardmore on 16-03-2024.
Its registration was cancelled as exported on 12-06-2024.

Below we have a selection of average quality photographs of ZK-CAG during its time in NZ.

At Ardmore on 18-03-2000 - the day following its first flight in NZ.
Note the 'Currawong' image and 'title' on the nose cowling.

Below on the same day with its RAAF serial of A29-1050 on the rear fuselage in a large format.

Above. On the 19-03-2000 we can see the small yellow RAAF serial number A29-448 beneath the tail and the large GA-C Squadron markings.

A month later in a hangar at Wigram - on 18-04-2000.

Now we jump ahead to 2009 at Wanaka.

Above and below we see both sides during engine runs at Wanaka on 16-12-2009.

And then at the Wanaka Airshow on 02-04-2010.

At Masterton 21-02-2011.

Wanaka on 05-04-2013.

Above and below. Back at Masterton on 18-01-2013 with 'Sharks teeth and Eye'.
And minus the 'Currrawong'.

At Omaka on 29-03-2013.
At Omaka on 30-03-2013 along with the Corsair ZK-COR, The Mustang ZK-TAF in the trail and the P40 ZK-RMH below. 

Another Omaka Air Show - on 02-04-2015.

In its Ardmore hangar on 24-02-2016.

On 26-03-2016 at Wanaka along with ZK-RMH.

At Omaka minus the Shark Teeth (thank goodness) and back to the 'Currawong".
My last sighting of ZK-CAG as it gets pushed into the Marlborough Aero Club hangar at Omaka after the Air Show on 18-04-2019.

BRM Aero Bristell LSA ZK-DVB/2

 The latest Bristell aircraft to be registered here has been delivered to its home base of Te Kowhai.

ZK-DVB2 (c/n 713/2024) was registered to Nigel Piper of Huntly on 10/5/24 and is photo'd above at Tauranga where it was assembled by Solo Wings.  The photo is from the Classic Cubs Facebook page.

ZK-DVB2 is the 14th Bristell aircraft to be registered here.  Nice!

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Auster J1B Aiglet ZK-AYU

 The Auster J1B Aiglet ZK-AYU c/n 2730 was the 44th Auster to join our civil register.
 I am sure you are all aware of this fact. So I have no need to list the previous 43.
ZK-AYU was registered to the New Zealand agents British Aircraft Ltd on 09-05-1952.
Its history has been covered in several previous blog posts. So, drill your way down through these posts  HERE. 
Charlie Draper of Darfield sold the Auster to Arthur Ruddenklau - also of Darfield - from 02-09-2022 and it was captured below at Ashburton recently by Aaron Murphy.

Monday 17 June 2024

Squirecraft Cavalier SA.102.5 ZK-ULL

 This Squirecraft Cavalier SA.102.5 ZK-ULL c/n 78041LF was noted heading into Ashburton ex Napier earlier in the month. It was photographed at Ashburton by Aaron Murphy on the 8th. 

It returned home on the 11th with a stop along the way at Kaikoura.This airframe was a project in the mid 1990's by Rob Mackie (sp?) which was sold around 2007 and finally registered on 28-05-2020 to Alec Forsyth of Masterton.
It was on sold to the Cranium Syndicate from 15-11-2022.

By my count we have had six Cavaliers on the register.
The others being ZK-CZF, ZK-DJJ, ZK-DJS, ZK-DYC and ZK-JJF.

For more on these - check out the following links here

The Classic Flyers Vampires.

We covered the two De Havilland Vampires at the Classic Flyers Aviation Museum at Tauranga in early May. See HERE
We now have two recent photographs of them sitting in the precipitation at Tauranga on 14-06-2024.
NZ5767 above.    NZ5751 below.
Thanks to Allister Jenks.

Air China Boeing 737-89L B1761 At Wellington

Air China operates scheduled services into Auckland using heavy twin jets.  However last week's visit of Chinese Premier Li Qiang utilised a Boeing 737-800 may have been the first Air China 737 to have visited here (I am willing to be corrected by wiser heads): 

Boeing 737-89L B1761 arrived in Wellington on 13 June.  I wonder how it is configured?  It later flew the Premier to Auckland and later onto Melbourne.  Thanks for the photo Jordan.

Sunday 16 June 2024

Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-SKZ

 Cessna U206F c/n U20602687 was manufactured in 1975 and had been allocated the US registration N33239 during its construction but instead became C-GAQN in Canada. By 1999 it was with Arctic Wings & Rotor out of Inuvik, Northwest Territory, and during its time with them it was on Aerocet 3500 floats, had a full Roberton STOL kit, wing leading edge cuffs, Flint wing tip tanks - which increased the span by 36 inches - and was powered with a Lycoming TIO-540 engine. 

Its Canadian registration was cancelled on 27-06-2007 for it to pop up on the Australian register as VH-TIB2 on 10-09-2007 with Tibbia Pty Ltd of Caloundra, Queensland and was operated by the Sunshine Coast Skydivers.
The photo below was taken by Tony Arbon at Caboolture the day after it was registered as VH-TIB.
It was ferried from Caloundra to Brisbane on 22-09-2012 then on to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and Kerikeri on the 23rd. 
It is seen below in a photo from Brenden via Jetphotos taken at Ardmore on 27-09-2012.
Note the leading-edge cuffs with turbulators - which are also visible on the fin.
   Also note the wing fence at the start of the wing tip extension. The VH registration was cancelled on     08-10-2012 and it became ZK-SKZ the following day with Skydive Zone (Bay of Islands) Ltd of Paihia. It moved on to Tandem Skydive (2002) Ltd on 15-07-2013.Above a photo taken at Taupo on 08-01-2015 by Keith Morris shows it still wearing 'Skydive Bay of Islands' titles on its fin. Its old VH marks are faintly visible on the fuselage side.
Above is a recent photo of it taken at Taupo by Allister Jenks on 13-06-2024. 
It appears to be in a tired state.

Texel Air Boeing 737-8FH ZK-TXD

 Texel Air Ltd added the Boeing 737-8FH ZK-TXD to the New Zealand aircraft register on 05-06-2024.

As c/n 35092 it was first listed as G-XLAK on 21-06-2007. It then went on to serve as TC-JHI, TC-SAH, 4L-TGC, EK-73792, OK-SBK and as N736CE from 21-07-2023 with Chisholm Enterprises  and then into the TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee.

Following its freighter conversion, it was ferried from Guangzhou, China, to Jackson International Airport at Port Morseby and into Auckland International on 24-05-2024. It moved down to Hamilton the same day for its NZ certification to ZK-TXD.

It was noted above at Hamilton in its 'Team Global Express' titles by Allister Jenks yesterday (15-06-2024).

Friday 14 June 2024

Quicksilver GT 500 ZK-MIC/3 Has Come and Gone

The Quicksilver has been a very long lived microlight and was among the first microlights to be registered here, the first being ZK-MRW (c/n MAANZ/010), a Quicksilver MX, in January 1982.  The Quicksilver has evolved over the years from the original 2 control axis machine to 3 axis controls.  Then the 2 seater MX II was introduced and we have had lots of those flying here.

The next generation Quicksilvers were the single seat GT 400 and the two seat GT 500 models which appeared in the early 1990s.  We have had a couple of GT 400 models and a couple of GT 500 models here but both of the latter have been exported, the most recent being ZK-MIC3

ZK-MIC3 (c/n 0449) was registered on 5/6/13 to I M Coleman of Mahoenui which is South-West of Te Kuiti.  The photos are from the Trade Me advertisement when it was for sale.

I guess Mr Coleman sometimes used his GT 500 for spraying, presumably on his farm, as in this photo of it with spray booms.  It was cancelled from the register as exported on 13/9/22.  Can anyone advise where it was exported to?

And can anyone share any stories of microlights being used for farm spraying work?  I am aware that it did go on and I understand it was legal on the owner's farm.