Sunday, 1 February 2015

Healthy Bastards Omaka 31-01-2015 # 5

 The CH701 STOLS.
 The Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-JUG (c/n 7-6067) is the Deane Philip proven winner.
 And don't forget the Jock Struthers Zenair CH701 SP ZK-ZMX (c/n 7-9741) which also did pretty well last year.
 A new one is the Zenith CH701 STOL ZK-TIA (c/n 7-4514) belonging to Chris Anderson of Ward.
Any more elevator left ?
Interesting mods as well.
I stand to win a chocolate fish on this one.

Healthy Barstard Omaka 31-01-2015 # 4

 A miscellaneous collection thanks again to Andy Heap.
Yes folks - a real 300hp Fletcher FU24.
The last FU24 Mk 1 completed in 1960.
ZK-BYC (c/n 78) is with Sean O'sullivan from the Killarney Farm Awamate Ltd of Wairoa,  but with Peter Blake flying it today.

 ZK-CGM(c/n 20111415) is the Aeroflight Aviation Ltd's Evektor Aertechnik Harmony; locally based. Flying being shared by Colin Marshall and Davit Marriott.
 The TL TL-3000 Sirius ZK-EBG (c/n 10-SI-13) carries the initials of owner Bruce Gordon of Marton.
 ZK-JRV2 (c/n 12-0316) is the Vans RV12 of Julian Coles down from North Shore.
 250hp of Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel ZK-MSR2 (c/n 012SR3) is down from the Cardinal Partnership (Ike and Trish Stephens) of Tauranga.
 Maule M-6-235C Super Rocket ZK-MTP (c/n 7465C) is Willie and Susan Macdonald's from Middlehurst Station. Willie Sage the listed pilot.
 The Wisnewski Family (Grant and Kevin) have two of their aircraft on field.
Above is the Stinson 108-3 ZK-NCC (c/n 108-3752).
This was built in Detroit in 1947. It came to NZ in 1997.
Below is their PZL Warszawa-Okecie PZL-104 Wilga 35A ZK-PZL2 (c/n 19840819).

 Jan Chisum in her Gardan GY-20 Minicab ZK-RJK (c/n AACA/187).
Russell Young's Blenheim based Piper PA-28-180B Cherokee ZK-SNE (c/n 28-1509) was built in 1963 coming to NZ with its UK owner in about 1978.
This is ZK-TIM2 (c/n 292) the Europa Classic of Tim Ward - up from Rangiora.

Healthy Bastards at Omaka 31-01-2015 # 3

Other Cessna's thanks to Andy Heap.
 The Cessna 180C ZK-BYJ (c/n 50908) is a product of 1960. It is now with the HKJ Partnership at Oamaru. Probably Hayden Williams doing the work.
No prizes for guessing who it used to fly with !
 Cessna ZK-BCR (c/n 55658) catches many a plane spotter out - It is a tail wheel conversion of a Cessna 175 Skylark - with a different engine and cowling profile. Shaun Gilbertson from Wanaka is the usual driver.
 Cessna A185F ZK-CES2 (c/n 03273) is the Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd's (Nigel Griffith) Skywagon. It previously flew as ZK-JPM.
 Spot the difference. ZK-DBX (c/n 51872) is a Cessna 180H - still listed with Dairy Air Ltd (Gene Demarco !).

Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-DPE (c/n 18502419) is from Canterbury Aviation Ltd of Christchurch.
Graeme Prankerd from up between Eltham and Stratford poles forward in his Cessna 180B ZK-EEJ (c/n 50557).
 An older Cessna 180A is ZK-FDO (c/n 50017). Locally based with the Van Asch Grigg Partnership, with Marcus Van Asch and Duncan Grigg sharing flights.
 Stationair II Ltd's Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II ZK-NOC (c/n U20606563) is Phil Pacy's, down from Auckland.
 The 1959 Cessna 180B ZK-RWC (c/n 50543) Was previously ZK-LMW. It was re-registered by Richard Coop of Mahia in June of 2013.
Going about its business was the Soundsair Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-SAN2 (c/n 20800360). It also did its thing - one up.

Healthy Bastards at Omaka 31-01-2015 # 2.

The Cessna 172's from Andy Heap.
 Cessna 172 ZK-BVP (c/n 36582) has been with us since March of 1958. It is currently with Avskills Ltd which is another way of saying Craig Anderson. Omaka based. Tim Johnson is sharing the aircraft with Craig.
 ZK-BWN (c/n 47304) is a model 172A with Don Leach of Amberley. It's two years younger than BVP.
 Arthur Turner's Cessna 172N ZK-ELT (c/n 71068) is up from Temuka.
 Pelorus Air showing their "new" Cessna 172 ZK-MGR (c/n 28108) with its Lycoming O-360 and Hartzell CSU. This is our oldest 172 - being of 1955 vintage. It only joined our civil register on 05-11-2014. Chris Marchant I think !
 Another oldie is the 165hp Continental O-300 powered 172 Tail Dragger ZK-OMK (c/n 29110) from the Marlborough Aero Club with several pilots using her.
 The Marlborough Aero Clubs other 172 ZK-OMR is a 180hp "E" model from 1963.
 Sid McAuley's 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-SID (c/n 9523) is up from Timaru.
Final 172 is 172M ZK-WFS as listed with Nelson Aero Leasing Ltd with Bruce Gibson.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Healthy Bastards at Omaka 31-01-2015

Andy Heap was on site today to snap some of the action at the Healthy Bastards
The Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Champs is a Precision Landing, and STOL Take-off and Landing competition held annually at Omaka Airfield, Blenheim.
Here are some of the rag and tube aircraft participating.
Nigel Griffith's160hp  Piper Super Cub ZK-BOY (c/n 18-6172) with cargo pod and lots of up elevator.
The R E and M E William 95hp Cub ZK-BQX (c/n 18-5764) from Paraparaumu with Chris Hoffman driving.
The 180hp Cub ZK-BTX (c/n 7309) has twice the power it originally had - plus some flaps. It is the Bruce Coulter conversion from Hastings. Is that Jerry Chisum up front !
The Cub Crafters CC11-160 ZK-CSS2 (c/n CC11-00193) is the Bob Gray one from up North.
Piper Cub ZK-ERB (c/n 18-52990) was once ZK-BNS. It is now with the Marlborough Aero Club with Innes Bint pencilled in to fly it.
ZK-JLB2 (c/n 18-4025) was originally a Piper L-21B with the Italian military.
Its registration tells us that it belongs to Jim L Benbow of Nelson.
Another Cub Crafters CC11-160 was ZK-PBC2 (c/n CC11-00194)  which is the Peter and Bruce Clulow one from Wanaka.
Then there was the CMP Syndicates Champion 7ECA Citabria ZK-CMP (c/n 7ECA-318).
Rob McPhail is listed to fly this.
And the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee B ZK-CIQ (c/n 25-3128) of Peter Anderson.
 Piper PA-20-135 Pacer ZK-PEE (c/n 20-962) belongs to Don Grant of Motueka with the flying being shared with Gaurish Mangal. It has 150hp up front.