Monday 15 July 2024

Aeronautical Corp Aeronca 100 ZK-AMW 2 at Kaipara Flats on 13-07-2024

It was nice to see the resident Aeronca 100 ZK-AMW2 all assembled again and out in the sun last Saturday:

I am really looking forward to seeing it flying again.

However it proved a little difficult to start on the day.  It is getting close.

Sunday 14 July 2024

Diamond DA 20-C1 ZK-WUJ at Wanganui Today 14-07-2024

Jordan Elvy was at Wanganui today with Simon Hills where they reported the weather was perfect and the local pilot academy was busy.  One of their aircraft that was out and about was their recently registered Diamond DA 20-C1 ZK-WUJ

ZK-WUJ (c/n C0575) was registered to the New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy Ltd at Wanganui on 14/1/24.  It was imported from Vietnam where its previous registration was VN-C868.

Thanks for the photo Jordan.

Saturday 13 July 2024

Pauanui visitors

The continuing fine weather brought a number of visitors to Pauanui airfield today including our latest Yak 52 import,  ZK-RUS2.

This was originally built in 1989 in Romania with the Russian registration RA-02956, moved onto the UK briefly in March 2005 as G-CBPX before settling in South Africa in October 2005 as ZU-RUS.
It was imported into NZ in early 2024 and is based at North Shore airfield.

And over from Matamata was the Bushby Midget Mustang ZK-MFE.   This was originally registered back in August 2006 and has been Matamata based since late 2020.


Friday 12 July 2024

Classic Flyers Museum Tauranga - update.

Classic Flyers recently moved its exhibits around in the main hangar. 
With the ever increasing demand for the hangar to stage big functions, including AGMs for many larger business and school balls, there is an increasing need to remove the aircraft exhibits. 
The most difficult to remove being the Skyhawk (NZ6201) and so a space swap has been made with the Venom (ZK-VNM2), which is relatively easy to move. The Fletcher, ZK-CRY1 (c/n 123) masquerading as prototype Fletcher ZK-BDS has also been taken down and currently resides outside. It is in surprisingly good condition. 

In its place will be the experimental Pearse aircraft built years ago to see if it would have been possible for the original to have been flown by its builder, Richard Pearse. Alongside it will be the ex MoTaT Pearse replica.

During the move, the Venom sat outside between Vampires NZ5767, which is going to be mounted on a plinth, and Vampire NZ5751. It was a rare sight to see a Venom (ZK-VNM2) flanked by two Vampires. The eagle eyed will notice the wing of de Havilland Heron ZK-BBM behind the wing of Harvard ZK-ENE (NZ1066).

For some reason the ATR72-212A ZK-MCJ had the letters ZF applied to the nose wheel doors. 
It's not to be confused with the real ATR72 ZK-MZF. 
After arriving from Christchurch by road in March 2023, ZK-MCJ languished dismantled at Tauranga Airport. Eventually Classic Flyers engineers reassembled it and modified the tail fin into one piece by permanently attaching the rudder removing the possibility of it swinging and causing damage.
It is now in use by JNP Aviation Ltd for ground crew training of airline personnel.

Thursday 11 July 2024

Guimbal G2 ZK-HAF 3

Following on from Richard Currie's recent post here is another one of Advanced Flight Ltd's Guimbal G2 Cabri helicopters which operate with Auckland Helicopters titling:

I photo'd ZK-HAF3 back on 11 May at the Advanced Helicopters heliport on the shore of the Manakau Harbour near where the Pikes Point airfield used to be.  It has been around since March 2015.

Friday 5 July 2024

Cessna 172N ZK-EJR at Kaipara Flats Today 5-07-2024

The long term Kaipara Flats resident Cessna 172N ZK-EJR is back in its hangar with a new owner and after some major work:

You may think that it still looks the same as it did when it was delivered to the Rodney Aero Club was back in 1977 but in fact it has had a complete new repaint into its original colours.  Its new owner told me that he wanted to keep it in its historical scheme rather than a new one.  It sure is shiny!

Guimbal G2 ZK-HYP 4

Visiting Pauanui airfield briefly today was the Auckland Helicopters' Guimbal G2 ZK-HYP4.   This was originally imported from the UK in mid 2020 as ZK-HVU5 and used by a Coromandel owner until sold onto Advanced Flight Ltd in May 2024 for their inhouse training fleet (operating as Auckland Helicopters).


Thursday 4 July 2024

Titan Mustang ZK-AKL/2 at Matamata in 2011

In spite of it having been around for some years I never had a really nice photo of Titan Mustang ZK-AKL2.  Then recently Harley Brighouse sent me some photos of him flying it at Matamata back on 19/3/11:

ZK-AKL2 was built by a syndicate of NZ Warbirds members with a Rotax 912 engine but it has not flown many hours.  It is currently stored at Mercer and has been inactive for quite a few years although it is still registered to Titan T51 Mustang Ltd of Manakau.  Thanks for the nice photo Harley.

Interestingly the original ZK-AKL was a DH 94 Moth Minor Coupe that still exists and was recently rescued by Russell Brodie of Rangitata Island as a restoration project.

Monday 1 July 2024

A Flying Fortress is Coming to Avspecs!

In an amazing development I understand that the ex Michigan Air Museum (formerly the Yankee Air Museum) Boeing B 17G Flying Fortress N3193G is coming to Avspecs for a complete restoration that I also understand will be very historically accurate.  No doubt it will fly here after its restoration and that will be a spectacular sight to see!

Here is Yankee Lady at Oshkosh 2022.

If this comes to pass it will be a huge recognition for Avspecs as to the quality of restoration work that they have carried out for many years now.  Reports suggest that the new owner of Yankee Lady bases his WW 2 aircraft collection at Sacramento in California, and has another couple of Avspecs restorations in his collection being the ex Rod Lewis Mosquito PZ474 (ZK-BCV) and the ex Tony Banta Spitfire Mk XVI TB252 (ZK-NLJ).  No doubt he liked what he saw in these wonderful restorations.  Congratulations to Warren Denholm and his Avspecs team. World class!.

Sunday 30 June 2024

A New Zealand Homebuilt Aircraft at the Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum

Following on from Richard Currie's recent post on the 3 Australian homebuilt aircraft at the Wanaka Transport and Toy Museum, my Facebook feed "miraculously" popped up with a post by the Derelict Aircraft Preservation Group (never seen a post from them before) with more aircraft from said museum.  One of these aircraft particularly interested me:

This was the 7/8 scale SE 5A replica ZK-SET that was built by Stuart Tantrum at Levin.  Way back in September 2011 I posted the then history of SE 5A Replicas of New Zealand - see HERE  

In that post I asked about ZK-SET "Does anyone have a photo of it at the museum?" and Peter Lewis provided a photo but the aircraft was behind a lot of clutter.  Now, more than 12 years later is this fairly clear photo of it that I was after back then.  However I am not sure that ZK-SET is a derelict aircraft in need of preservation.