Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The return of Jabiru ZK-DIZ

Jaburu J230 UL ZK-DIZ (c/n 643) first flew on 29-12-2010 but was cancelled as destroyed on 04-05-2016 following storm damage at Ardmore.
It re-appeared on the register with Glenn Hannah of Kaikohe on 26-01-2017. 
Here we see it as photographed on 25-04-2017 at Dargaville by Jean 210.
Earlier blog coverage can be seen Here. and HERE

Aeroprakt ZK-JOM

A recent arrival to join the Rangiora ranks is the Aeroprakt A-22 ZK-JOM2 (c/n 100) for Jerry Philip.
This aircraft first entered the NZ register as ZK-WES on 01-11-2011 with Wess Ruijne of Manukau.
It was sold on to Doug Halligan of International Investments Ltd of Manukau on 24-02-2014.
Its registration was changed to ZK-JOM2  on 14-05-2014.

Tauranga Airport ANZAC Day

The entrance to Tauranga Airport for yesterdays ANZAC memorial and also as a farewell to John Brunskill (Maule ZK-MSM).

Pauanui Wednesday

Another stunning autumn day brought a variety of visitors to Pauanui from Matamata, Thames, Tauranga and Auckland, including the Skywork Helicopters AS350B3 ZK-HEE doing sling work off Pauanui Beach in the afternoon,  and the immaculate RV9A ZK-STU from Auckland at the airfield.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pauanui on Anzac Day

Anzac Day brought a number of afternoon visitors to Pauanui from Auckland, Tauranga and Thames including one of the regular Auckland Aero Club 172s, ZK-JSP,  and not noted here before the very smart Ultravia Pelican PL ZK-PPL

Austers at the Abbey.

Two visiting classics at Loburn Abbey last Saturday (22-04-2017) were the Auster J1/Y ZK-AVU and J1B ZK-AYU.
 The Auster J1/Y ZK-AVU (c/n 889) has featured several times on these pages.
As indeed has the Auster J1B ZK-AYU (c/n 2730)
See Here.

Chipmunk ZK-LOM

Another delight to see at Loburn Abbey was the De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk ZK-LOM (c/n C1-0192) from the LOM Syndicate of West Melton.
Looks like Jim up front with Don in the back.
As the registration infers - this airframe has been re-engined with a LOM M332A engine.
See previous posts on this HERE.
The engine mounts are original Gipsy Major units with an adapter plate to accommodate the LOM engine.
Really neat.
Note the 'Blower' on the back end of the engine.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Tauranga airport

A shot from Grayson Ottaway showing the entrance to Tauranga Airport.

Pauanui Tauranga Visitors

A wet Sunday followed by a stunning Monday produced a number of interesting visitors to the airfield from Tauranga including Cessna 180K ZK-DKP,  regular visitor Autogyro Europe MT03 ZK-TCG and the Tecnam P92 ZK-TES

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Loburn Abbey Spitfires

There were four Supermarine Aircraft Spitfire replica Mk26's on field on Saturday.
 The Mk26B ZK-CGV2 (c/n 52) is Ivan Campbell's aircraft and wears the markings "CG" and RM787 as used by Colin Gray during WWII. 
It has been covered before Here   and Here.
 Above we see the UK registered, 170hp, flat eight cylinder, direct drive Jabiru powered G-CENI (c/n PFA 324-14102) taxying back with Loburn Abbey beyond.
This was first registered in the UK on 24-04-2007. It arrived at Loburn in March this year.
The Chev V8 powered Mk26 ZK-SPT (c/n 070) is Richmond Harding's aircraft, down from Wanganui.
 Now two views of Ivan Campbell's MK26B ZK-MEB (c/n 72). 

Loburn Abbey Mustangs

As mentioned earlier there were six completed Titan T51 Mustangs in the line up at Loburn Abbey on Saturday.
ZK-DGM2 (c/n M05XXXSOHK0068) is "Linda Lovelace" of Kerry and Lynda Millar. 
This first flew on 23-11-2007.
"Mustang Thirty Three" and "Helles Belle" on port side, with "Smoke and Mirrors" on the Starboard side is ZK-MLE (c/n 166) as listed to Ivan Campbell on 28-11-2016.
ZK-MSY (c/n 0035) "Loburn Lady" first flew on 25-03-2006 having been registered to Campbell Aviation Company Ltd on 02-03-2006.
"Isobel" is ZK-TVG (c/n 0058) which first flew in September 2008 for Geoff Pascoe and Vaughan Peters of the TVG Syndicate of Tauranga. 
Ownership changed to Gary Marsh of Inglewood on 20-02-2015.
Above is the relatively unadorned John Richards T51 Mustang ZK-WUH (c/n 0059).
ZK-WWM (c/n M0491250HK0038) "Mis'Stress" is Bill McWilliam's of Masterton.

Mustangs five formation.

Of the six Titan T51 Mustangs on field at Loburn Abbey on Saturday - five of them carried out a mass flypast.
This would be a first time in NZ for five Titans to be together.
Also the first time the five pilots have flown formation together.
 Above we see Bill a little out to the right.
If you look carefully you will see he is dodging the Moon.
On a reverse heading beyond a Spitfire.

Loburn Abbey Fly-in yesterday

Thanks to Ivan Campbell and his team a  very successful fly-in was held at his Loburn Abbey property yesterday.
Titan T51 Mustangs 'Six'.

Australis Premium Cirrus N438NZ

Magnaman was at Ardmore yesterday 22-04-2017 and snapped the Cirrus N438NZ.
 Cirrus N438NZ (c/n 4438) gained its US certification and Airworthiness cert on 23-01-2017 being registered to Avcorp US Registrations LLC of Wilmington, Delaware the same day.
Check HERE for delivery details to NZ (Thanks to the MRC blog site).
It is being actively demonstrated around NZ.

Omaka from Sir Minty # 3

Spitfires three at Omaka on 15-04-2017 thanks to Sir Minty.
ITL Aviation Ltd's Spitfire MkIX ZK-SPI is c/n CBAF 3128.
The Warbird Adventure Rides Ltd's Spitfire MkIX ZK-WDQ is c/n CBAF 5487.
The Chariots of Fire Fighter Collection's Supermarine 379 Spitfire FR MkXIV ZK-XIV2 is c/n 65-648269.

Omaka from Sir Minty # 2

Foreign registered aircraft noted at Omaka on 15-04-2017 by Sir Minty include :-
The Bucker Bu132 Jungman SE-AIK was previously mentioned HERE.
The Comper CLA.7 Swift marked as VH-UVC (c/n 532/10) is not long off a major rebuild thanks to JEM Aviation.
Check HERE
In actual fact it was registered as ZK-UVM to JEM Aviation Ltd on 07-11-2016.
It will have temporary tape markings for its NZ flights before its return to Australia.
Built by Avioane Craiova SA this Yakovlev Yak 3U-R2000 (c/n 001-3/2005) entered the US register as N46463 on 11-11-2005 for William Whiteside and was used with some success in the Reno racing circuit as "Steadfast". 
The c/n tells us that it was built in 2005 and the model tells of its Pratt and Whitney R2000 engine.
It was sold to Australia and became VH-YOV with Eastern Fighters Pty Ltd of Perth from 24-12-2013. Ownership moved to Team Steadfast Pty Ltd in Queensland from 21-10-2015.
It was shipped over to Omaka for the Show - thanks again to JEM Aviation.

Omaka as captured by Sir Minty # 1

Sir Minty made it to Omaka for the Easter gathering and offers the following photographs as taken on April the 15th.
Gert Van Kruiningen had his Airdrome Aeroplanes  Bleriot XI ZK-BXI2 (c/n BLE-003) up from Rangiora.
A very recent addition to our civil aircraft register is the McNair Mynah listed as ZK-LOI (c/n 5) on 13-03-17.
I'm guessing that the registration tells us that it belongs to Louis McNair.
More details on this in the next edition of the NZ Aviation news Magazine.
The locally based Avro 652A Anson Mk1 ZK-RRA which first flew as such back on 18-07-2012.
The Yakovlev Yak-3M ZK-VVS (c/n 0470106) from the Yak 3 Fighter Syndicate also first flew in NZ  in 2012.
All four have featured on this site previously.


A visit to a very sunny Tauranga revealed locally based Adventure Helicopters Guimbal Cabri ZK-IIM,  and Solo Wings Searey now wearing its ZK-SWM registration.

Visitors included Zenith CH601 ZK-JQT from Turangi and Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-MLC from Hamilton

PAC 750s

A visit to Hamilton yesterday produced the latest PAC 750 off the production line, ZK-KDO c/n 211,  parked by the terminal,  while on the other side was ZK-XLK, the latest addition to the Kiwi Air fleet.  This was formerly Tandem Skydiving Taupo's ZK-JQK sold to Kiwi Air in December 2016.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sportcruiser ZK-VCP

Noted fenced in at Tauranga yesterday (21-04-2017) by Grayson Ottaway was the Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser ZK-VCP2.
ZK-VCP2 (c/n SC700158) is aptly listed to Vehicle Chip Protection NZ Ltd of Hamilton.
The earlier ZK-VCP was a Zenith CH601-XL as with Jack Schaake of Vehicle Chip Protection.
See the earlier post on these two HERE