Monday 19 June 2017


Added to our register on 28-04-2017 for the Waikato Aero Club (Inc) [Waikato Aviation] was the Diamond DA 42 Twin Star ZK-WGA (c/n 42.199).
It is seen here outside the Aeromotive Ltd hangar at Hamilton last Thursday.

Below is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it recently.
Another of the three Diamond DA 42 Twin Star’s that were trucked into Aeromotive Ltd at Hamilton last October has graduated onto our register. 
Initially allocated the Diamond factory test registration of OE-VPI it migrated down to Australia to become VH-FGO with Fugro Financial Resources B.V of Jandakot West Australia on 21-11-2006 for operations by Fugro Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd. This aircraft spent five weeks in NZ in 2009 on survey work with its long nose mounted anomaly boom. 
It became ZK-WGA on 28-04-2017 listed with the Waikato Aero Club (Inc) at Hamilton. 
The 'GA' of the registration being the initials of a Club Life member.

It has been blogged previously as VH-FGO see HERE

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  1. Good post, I am not into planes but when I was a kid I wanted to be pilot that's why posts like this are always welcome. Thank you for sharing it with us.