Sunday, 11 January 2015

Greymouth Trio.

 Noted by Ben Paterson at Greymouth yesterday (Saturday 10-01-2015) were these three visitors - In time for the Kumara races.
 The Papa Juliet Trust of Queenstown have been operating the Cessna 180C ZK-BYI (c/n 50909) since late March of 2005.
 The Cessna 185A ZK-VKE (c/n 1850297) is the Mike Thomas aircraft from over the hill at Simla.
Up and over from Omarama was the Cessna 185C ZK-SMW (c/n 1850678). It was flown into NZ in September 2005 and listed to Birchwood Station on 25-10-2005.
All three have featured on these pages before.

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