Monday, 5 January 2015


Bargeld01 was out aviating around the Christchurch area yesterday and visited the following airfields.
 Click on the pics for a larger view.
 Above we have Forest Field NZFF. Height approx 400ft amsl. 
Looking up 18.
How many hangars can you count among the life sentence blocks ?
Above is West Melton NZWL. Height around 300 ft amsl.
Looking up 04 with the Club hangar at the bottom of the pic.
Above is Rangiora NZRT. Height about 180ft amsl.
Looking roughly along 25.
22 comes in across the road at the bottom right corner; trees removed.
10 comes through the gap in the hangars in the top right of centre; over the River and the topped trees.
Crossing overhead Christchurch International NZCH with 29/11 across the bottom of the pic and 02/20 running up the pic.
AIP charts available here :-

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  1. Looks like you are getting pretty desperate for some rain