Thursday, 29 January 2015

Todays haul from Blue Bus.

On my journey south to Timaru today I dropped in on Josh Kershaw and Dougal Monk at the Mount Hutt Helicopters base at Alford Forest.
They had just the three helicopters at home.
 Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-IBC3 (c/n 2562) was back at base and washed down following time fighting the Flock Hill Station fire.
Earlier posts on IBC can be found at :-
 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IRW (c/n 11696) has been with Mount Hutt Helicopters since 17-01-2014.
It has previously operated under the ZK-ISL and ZK-ISP registrations.
At Timaru I caught up with John Keenan and his Rans S-7S Courier (registered with his initials as)ZK-JWK (c/n 0411556)  on 23-01-2012. As you can see it is now named "Miss Margaret".
It also had its first engine run today - started first attempt.
An interesting fact is that it contains a couple of instruments from an ex Argentinian/Falkland Islands Pucara.
Back in Christchurch this Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH MBB-BK117C-2 G-SRNE (c/n 9283) was siting outside Pacific Helicopters hangar.
It carries EC145 signage and also the name "Nick Baker" on the rear clamshell doors.
It was test flown in 2009 as D-HADM before becoming M-SRNE and was re-registered to G-SRNE on 08-09-2014.
It is based aboard the mega yacht Serene.


  1. The reason why it has EC145 signage is because it is a 145 not a 117.

  2. Evening Anon.
    Below is an extract from its UK registration details :-


    G-SRNE Current Reg. Date:08/09/2014


    Type:MBB-BK 117 C-2

    Serial No : 9283


    So who am I to argue with them ?

    1. The EC145 was originally called the C2 model 117 but is now the 145.