Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wings over Wairarapa part next

Sir Minty has asked for some more shots from the airshow so how could I refuse? So in no particular order here they are:

1910 Pither monoplane replica

Pearce reproduction under its own steam

De Havilland Venom MK1 sporting new tail feathers

 Hawker Beech T6 Texan II replacing the CT4-E Airtrainer

Yakovlev Yak3

WWII Douglas DC3 now in service with Air Chathams

Messerschmit BF108 Taifun

Grumman Avenger now wearing RNZAF markings

Avro Anson on bombing run! 
One of two BAC Strikemasters

 End of an era, Bell UH-1 Huey

Yak 52 display team

 Salute to 14 Squadron RNZAF

More to follow if required!


  1. I belive the t-6 Texan2 aircraft is replacing CT4-E airtrainers rather than airtourers. What is the diffrence between a airtourer or airtaine? Thanks for posting the photos

  2. Airtourer evolved into the CT4! Will fix caption! Thanks

  3. Anyone get a picture of the tail strike of the Huey?