Sunday, 25 January 2015

Foxpine 18-1-2015

My planned return to Auckland by Air New Zealand on the Monday after Wings Over Wairarapa was interrupted when grandson bought a car from Wellington on Trade Me and then wanted someone to accompany him on the drive back to Auckland....

However, we did manage to work in a few airfields on the 12 hour drive!  Foxpine is usually deserted but on such a lovely day offered a couple of visitors:

PAC CT 4B Airtrainer ZK-JMV was visiting from Tauranga.  Even the cover looked quite good!

And Peter Fairclough was visiting from Wanganui in his Kitfox ZK-KIT.  Peter built his aircraft himself and has flown it since 1990.  It hasn't changed much over the years and Peter told me it has flown more than 300 hours to date..

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  1. Foxpine used to be a busy airfield woder what aircraft are based there now ?