Thursday, 8 January 2015

Other Skydiving Aircraft at Taupo

Following the loss of ZK-SDT2 into Lake Taupo yesterday, here are photos of a couple of other skydiving planes that were on the field.  I reckon that it will be all speed ahead to get them into service as this must be the busiest time of the year for tandem parachuting at Taupo which is apparently the busiest drop zone in the Southern hemisphere.

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-JMP4 was registered in New Zealand on 3-12-14 for Tandem Skydiving (2002) Ltd of Taupo and it is ex N95EL.  It has been repainted in Tandem Skydiving colours since it arrived in the country (but has yet to receive its titles).

Cessna U206F ZK-SKZ arrived in New Zealand in late 2012 and is also owned by Tandem Skydiving (2002) Ltd.  It is ex VH-TIB and N350AQ.

PS  I have gone back and updated my earlier post on the loss of ZK-SDT2 to reflect more recent information.

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