Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Another ELA in the hangar.

I stumbled across this stranger in a hangar at Ashburton on 23-01-2015.
G-CEJH is an ELA-07R115 (c/n 09061140724). Built by ELA Aviacion in Spain it went over to the UK and was registered there on 23-01-2007 to Michael Woodhouse of Aberlour.
Its registration was cancelled on 05-10-2007 without it ever having a UK permit to fly issued.
As you can see it has the red top Rotax with the Hobbs meter reading 56 hours.
What's it been up to since 2007 then ?


  1. Hi
    Became ZK-CEJ, but soon re-exported all the way back to Ireland and became EI-FSJ in late 2016. Much traveled.

  2. Thanks 'Local'.
    I already have it as EI-FSR from 24-11-2016 to same owner as it was listed with in NZ.