Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Grand Champion from SAANZ Flyin at Ashburton

Following judging on Saturday, the Grand Champion aircraft of the SAANZ 2019 flyin was John and Trish Crawford's Bushby Midget Mustang ZK-MMI.  A spectacular aircraft!

This aircraft was started in the US way back in 1965 but didn't progress past a bare airframe stage until it was purchased by John Crawford around 4 years ago.  It is powered by a Continental O-200 engine.

This is the eighth Midget Mustang to have been registered in New Zealand.  I have posted the history of our other Midget Mustangs at: Midget Mustangs of New Zealand (1) and Midget Mustangs of New Zealand (2).  And a subsequent post on our first Midget Mustang ZK-CWO  HERE

Thanks to Bruce Cooke for the photo.

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