Thursday, 7 February 2019

Agplanes and others at Gore

A visit to Gore airfield on a very blue sky day offered lots of interest including MacKenzie Aviation's Fu24-950M ZK-BOG which is looking very smart for being over 60 years old..

Imported from Australia in August 2016 was the 750hp Thrush S2R-T34 ZK-DUZ operated by Southern Aviation, Te Anau

With Central Ag Air, Oturehua since 2014 is GA200C ZK-RMU

Offering taildragger flight training from the Kingston airfield near Queenstown is Ace Aviation's PA22-160 ZK-TDA

And local Gore based Cessna 172G ZK-COM in smart new colours


  1. You can tell that Ayres is 510hp just by looking at it;-)
    The Fletcher took my eye tho'.

    1. no, the 510 refers to the hopper size
      510 gallons. The P refers to the engine, Pratt and Whitney PT6-34 750hp.
      Thanks Helikiwi

    2. Sorry, also its a Thrush Aircraft, not Ayers

  2. Did my 172 rating in COM at Taupo over Christmas 1967/68. She looks better than I do 51 years on.....