Thursday, 7 February 2019

Observant readers of this blog will have noted a logo of a Predator drone on the wingtip of Harvey Lockie's Dyn Aero MCR 01 Club ZK-WIK and wondered why it was there.

And there is also a Predator logo on the tail.  I also wondered why the logos were there but on Saturday Harvey let me know the reason:

ZK-WIK has been re-engined with a Rotax 914 and this is the same engine that powers the Predator drone.  This is the reason for the bulges in the carbon fibre cowling (that will be painted when the work is finished).  No doubt that the predator also has a carbon fibre cowling.

Actually the Predator specifications are not that dis-similar to those of larger sport or GA aircraft.  Its empty weight is 1,130 pounds with a wingspan of 55 feet and a length of 27 feet.  However it has some other interesting capabilities!

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