Sunday, 3 February 2019


Further to the action photos in the separate blog below there were a lot of other aircraft on the airfield and these included the Cub Crafters CCK 1865 ZK-CUB from Balfour which was registered in 2014, and hasn't been on this blog before.
A real Super Cub was PA18-150 ZK-CVC imported from Slovenia in 2016 and registered to a Seddon owner.
The Chipmunk ZK-CVM came across from Nelson displaying its Canadian RCAF colours.
Added to the Patchett Ag-Air fleet in September 2018 was Gippsland GA200C ZK-EMD.
Registered to an Amberley owner is Maule M5-180C ZK-ESP.
And added to the Reid Helicopters Nelson fleet in 2018 was R44 ZK-IAS.

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