Monday, 11 February 2019

New Zenith CH 200 at Tauranga

It is a long time since our last Zenith CH 200 was registered in New Zealand (it was in 2006).  I have posted the histories of the seven examples we have had at:

However in January 2019 another CH 200 was registered:

ZK-CCT2 (c/n CADL 259-200) was registered to the I Glover and D Waddell Syndicate of Mount Maunganui on 22/1/19.  I understand it is the one that was nearly completed by Frank Sleath of Tauranga back in the 1990s which was registered ZK-FFS (c/n AACA/258) on 13/3/90 but which was cancelled as withdrawn on 13/3/08.

Thanks to Mark Pattenden for the photo.

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