Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Question time # 204 resolved.

The aircraft in question (pictured below) is the Douglas DC-3 ZK-BQK (c/n 16567/33315) as seen at the Museum of Transport and Technology and came from the Tony Miller collection.
Built as a C-47B-35-DK for the US military and allocated the 44-76983 serial number it was transferred to the RNZAF to become NZ3544 with delivery in June of 1945.
It was damaged at Wigram on 14-04-1952 and sold by tender to NZNAC.
They rebuilt it and registered it as ZK-BQK on 10-05-1956 with a conversion to DC-3C in Mid October of 1957.
Named 'Kereke' it is seen below at Hokitika - I suspect in the late 50's with the red band around the engine cowlings.
Below we see her in the hangar at Christchurch. 1962 ?
It was upgraded to 'Skyliner' standard in June of 1963 as 'Skyliner New Plymouth'.

From 07-12-1969 it was chartered to Polynesian Airlines as 5W-FAH and is seen below at Christchurch.
Photo source unknown.

It returned to NZ on 04-04-1973 and last flew on 17-06-1973.

Withdrawn from service by NZNAC it was parked out in rotten row at Christchurch and is seen above and below on 17-02-1979.

It was officially handed over to MoTaT on 23-07-1973.
Photo above was taken at Meola Road Auckland o 12-11-1973.
And below on 29-08-1985.
It is now on display in the Sir Keith Park Memorial Aviation display hall at MoTaT in Meola Road, Auckland.

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  1. In the early 1960s prior to being revamped as a Skyliner BQK opperated briefly with a dayglo painted rudder and fin