Sunday, 10 May 2015

ZK-NGG NZWN - NZCH 10-05-2015

Bargeldo1 reports that our ride from WLG to CHC today was on ZK-NGG (c/n 25606) and since it is due to be retired in a few days time (14th?), here are a few pics for history's 
sake of this workhorse. 
It first flew on 17-07-1999 and arrived in Christchurch from Apia on 16-10-1999.
Arrival on Rnwy 34.
Three interior views.

Below - climbing out of Wellington on Rnwy 34.
That is Ward Island out in the Harbour.
Weta Digital is the large building above and half way along the engine cowling.
Alas the Chocolate Fish Cafe is still out of sight on the left at Shelly Bay.
Turn left over Wellington City and set heading for Christchurch.
Note the wind farm generators along the ridge running from Makara down to Oteranga Bay.
You can just make out Karori Rock with some applied imagination.
Below we are abeam Cape Campbell with the Grassmere Salt Lakes on the left of pic in Clifford Bay.
Then its abeam Kaikoura.
On finals for Christchurch and crossing the Waimakariri River.

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  1. Thanks Blue Bus ,end of another era in NZ .