Friday, 22 May 2015

Odd shots.

A few pics to help clear out my 'pics on hold' box.

 Three views of the Fokker scourge at Omaka during the Easter gathering.

This Agusta Bell AB206B JetRanger ZK-HPB3 (c/n 8002) spent it early years in Sweden from 1967 followed by a time in Norway from 1982. Then back to Sweden again in 1989 before fronting up in Fox Glacier for K P Demonkos to do his magic on it for it to become ZK-HPB on 18-03-1987.
It moved to Helicopters (NZ) Ltd in January of 1999 but fell over on landing on the Fox Neve on 06-07-2002. It eventually made its way to the ANZ Tech Training School in Christchurch.
It is seen above on 23-05-2015 waiting to be moved to the ANZTTS new building.
 Two views of the North American P51D-25NT Mustang ZK-TAF.
The above view was captured at Wigram by Bargeldo1 on 20-09-2008.
The lower view was taken at Ardmore on 19-05-2015 by Magnaman.
A few years between the two shots.
Now be advised that there is an open day with the Warbirds at Ardmore on the 31st of May.

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