Sunday, 3 May 2015

Imco Callairs.

About five years ago I did a post on the Imco Callairs in New Zealand
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Now with thanks to CMM we have three more photographs of Callairs.
 The above shot is taken outside Aero Engine Services hangar at Hamilton and is dated 13-08-1966.
It shows a rough US N26 registration
Alas all six Callairs that came to NZ carried the N26B registration as a test allocation from the manufacturer in the States. 
So I would not care to put a definitive ZK registration to this particular airframe.
The ZK allocations where ZK-CRA, ZK-CRB, ZK-CRC, ZK-CRD, ZK-CRI, ZK-CRJ, ZK-CRU and ZK-CRV. 
All had their first flights in NZ between 07-07-1966 and 08-12-1966.
The pic above was taken at Hamilton on 06-05-1967. 
It shows ZK-CRA (c/n 10011), possibly just after repairs following its incident at Tinui on 30-03-1967.
The final view is of ZK-CRC tied down at an unknown strip (maybe Taihape ?). 
The date is 1971 or 1972. 
It carries the pilots name of "Graeme Brough" and the Rangitikei Air Services Ltd insignia.

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