Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ardmore 3-5-2015

Following in Sir Minty's footsteps, an opportunity presented itself for a drive-by of Ardmore 3 May. Just when we thought the autumnal anti-cyclonic gloom would dominate the visit it was the proliferation of another airborne phenomena  that caught our attention - tail draggers!

I cannot remember the last time I caught up with 4 Piper Cubs in one setting! 

Piper PA18-150 ZK-BKD - its past is well covered in Sir Minty's review.

Ardmore resident Piper PA18 ZK-BKW on finals for grass 21. 

Registered to a Napier address since May 1998, Piper PA18 ZK-BQS

Piper PA18 ZK-BTU had an ownership change in March this year to a Hamilton address. 

Piper PA22-135 Pacer ZK-PAL outside its residence 

P40 Kittyhawk ZK-CAG returning from a local flight, preceded by Harvard ZK-WAR 

Spitfire MK IX ZK-WDQ rumbles away on a local flight. 

Ex RNZAF Airtourer ZK-CLD seems to have its past identity a little confused. Its ex NZ1769 but seems to enjoy posing as the more powerful CT4 Airtrainer with the serial number NZ1941. 


  1. The Airtourer would be even more confused as 1769. It is also dropping even further down in power as as ZK-CLD it was a 115 version. The military Airtourer T6 ran
    NZ1760 to NZ1763. A look-a-like I believe.

  2. True! Silly me for attempting to do posts at stupid hours of the night!