Thursday, 26 August 2010

Withdrawn from the register ZK-JIL

An unfortunate, yet not unexpected cancellation from the NZ civil aircraft register today was that of Dave Phillip's mighty Hawker FR74S Hunter, ZK-JIL. This magnificant aircraft was first registered in NZ just over 10 years on 15 March 2000. It spent much of its time at Ardmore and was employed on occassions by the NZ Navy to simulate air/sea attacks after the demise of the RNZAF's fast jet squadrons. In recent times, the Hunter has resided at Tauranga and to the best of my knowledge has not actually flown for a reasonable period of time.

Some background info is at

On an upbeat note, Venom ZK-VNM was wheeled out of the Rural Aviation hanger at Ardmore today in preparation for engine runs and test flying before its delivery south to new owners in

The Hunter rests next to the Mig 21 currently in the news and for sale on Trademe.

Ardmore, February 2005

Operating from Dunedin, ZK-JIL made for a wonderful airshow participant at the 2006 Warbirds over Wanaka airshow.

All photos Mike Condon


  1. I recall reading somewhere that there is another Hawker Hunter stored at Ardmore. Is this true?

  2. There was the two seater at Ardmore from the same stable as this single seat example. The two seater never flew in nz and it was trucked to the air museum at tauranga a couple of years ago. I don't know of any other hunters.