Saturday, 7 August 2010

UPDATE : Finally cancelled Auster J5B ZK-AYN

UPDATE on yesterdays post on the cancellation of the Auster J-5B Autocar ZK-AYN.

Steve Lowe has sent me the following magnificent photograph and memory of the Auster J-5B Autocar ZK-AYN.

"Colin Sutherland took me for a flight in his Auster to check out some aerial spraying work he was going to do for the NZ Forest Service".
Auster J-5B ZK-AYN at Hokitika in February of 1979.
Photograph from Steve Lowe.


  1. If I recall corectly -this Auster was the prize in a raffle once.
    30 or 40 years ago?

  2. I flew AYN in the mid 50's when New Plymouth Aero Club had it. I swear that the wings were on upside down - it took so long to get off the ground but was sweet to fly once in the air. NPAC raffled it in late 50's and a guy called Bob Bell won it. I think that he bought most of the tickets that were sold because he really wanted it. No idea what happwnwd after that.
    Bob Leversha