Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wannabe Globetrotter

RV10 ZK-RVT returned to Auckland just on dusk 16 August from Coolangatta having crossed in the opposite direction a few days earlier on the 9th. The owners had proposed to fly around the world in their beautifully crafted machine commencing last month but this was either cancelled or postponed due to regulatory factors. Perhaps this exercise of flying the Tasman has been to prove the capability of the aircraft......

At Wanaka a couple of Easter's ago.

Departing from Kerikeri today 17Aug was Piper PA24 ZK-BAZ. Does anyone know if this aircraft is off on vacation or leaving the country for good?


  1. In the latest NZ Aviation News there is and article on ZK-BAZ and it also mentions that it will be crossing the Tasman in the near future.

  2. She's coming back soon..about end of September...