Friday, 6 August 2010

Question time # 108

Tell me all you know about this aircraft !


  1. Is it the wheel cover that was trialed by NZ Aerospace on the first production Fletcher 400 ZK-DBF

  2. You have got the type correct (Fu24-950) there anonymous. But alas not the registration I require !

    It would also be nice to know more about this aircraft - history wise.

    Worth half a fish so far.

  3. Would be Aerospaces demonstrator DEQ.

  4. Doh...DEM,not DEQ.

  5. OK OK - I will pay the fish on this one.

    It is indeed ZK-DEM.
    A bit lean on other onfo though !

    I will post some pics later. I have a feeling in my bones that I photographed it as VH-ENI in OZ some years back, so will have a rat around for it.

    Flick me an email to with your fish delivery address.