Saturday, 7 August 2010

Even more on Beaver ZK-CTJ.

More details of Beaver ZK-CTJ, and also Beaver ZK-CYD c/n 1615, have been sent to me by Falcon123.

Falcon123 advises that 5Y-AIV (ex ZK-CYD) and 5Y-AIW (ex ZK-CTJ) were first noted as such on the Western apron at Wellington on 25-03-1969.

Both were flown from Wellington to Auckland (with possible stops in between) on 28-05-1969.

Both departed Auckland for Norfolk Island and Brisbane on 29-05-1969.

For more pics of these two (and many more NZ aircraft) go to
You will find a list of NZ Beavers down the left hand side of the header page.

Also note the pending Lawson Field reunion.

Thanks to Falcon123 and Graeme Mills (Kiwibeaver).


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