Saturday, 14 August 2010

And another, earlier Auster.

The previous posts by HRHELI have stimulated my memory cells back to the days when men where men.
Taylorcraft Auster 5 ZK-AVU , c/n 889 , was first registered to Ron Fechney of Omaha in July of 1950. It also is a real warbird, having served with 658 squadron of the RAF from 1944. During 1966 it was converted to a J-1Y by changing its Lycoming O-290 to a Lycoming O-320. It also got the larger tail surfaces at the same time. The North Otago Gliding Club took it on from 24-06-1975, keeping it until selling it to A D Stott of Christchurch on 09-05-1984. A couple of owners later it is now back listed with Ron Fechney at Aylesbury.
ZK-AVU at Oamaru on 10-02-1979.. Note the longer nose with the O-320 & single exhaust stack and the enlarged fin and rudder with horn balance & the glider tow hook.
ZK-AVU with the late Phil Gard on theTara Hills (Wardell's) air strip on 09-01-1982.
Being serviced at West Melton 17-09-1996. Note the change to the spinners colour.
Nicked directly from the TV Ones Country Calendar program. Based and operated out of Mount White Station.
Note the long lens distortion of the wings


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