Monday, 9 August 2010

Fifty years ago today 09-08-1960

Fifty years ago today the Auster J-1 Autocrat ZK-AUX joined the New Zealand Civil Aircraft Register.

Manufactured by the Auster Aircraft Ltd at Rearsby with the Britannia Works, at Thurmaston, Leicester mailing address was the Auster V Series J-1, c/n 1994 . This was listed as G-AHHE on 09-04-1946 for delivery to Temple Press Ltd at Croydon.
Temple Press being the publishers of the Aeroplane Magazine at that time. The "Aeroplane" script was carried on the Auster at this stage.
On 16-05-1946 it was re-registered with the personalised registration of G-AERO. During its time with the Aeroplane Magazine it became noted for its landing aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious on 16-10-1946. It also landed aboard the HMCS Magnificent on 05-05-1948.
It was sold to the aircraft broker W S Shackleton Ltd on 05-05-1950 and was cancelled from the UK register on 17-07-1950 as exported to New Zealand.

It became ZK-AUX on 09-08-1950 for Wally Harding of Wanganui, receiving its CofA on 18-10-1950. Title changed to Wanganui Aero Work Ltd on 21-11-1950. I believe it carrieds the word "Aero" during this period.
On 11-08-1962 it was relisted to Peter Holthouse who farmed in the South Makara Valley near Wellington and it was seen often at Paraparaumu whilst Peter pursued his gliding activities. (Peter operated the K6's ZK-GCH, GEV and GFO, plus the Cobra GHZ and the Hornet GJD in the mid 60's to late 80's period)
ZK-AUX at the fuel pumps at Paraparaumu on 25-01-1971
ZK-AUX at the Paraparaumu gliding base on 18-11-1972
ZK-AUX was sold  to Eric Moffat (a well respected aircraft engineer) of Timaru on 10-05-1976 who passed it on to Brian Curtiss and Gary Chiplin on 08-02-1978, (both moving on to microlights later). It was back with Eric Moffat that August. Marty Lucas of Kaitangata entered the scene on 26-07-1979, and it was at about this time that the name "South Wind" appeared on the aircraft. [The name Auster comes from Roman mythology as the cold, cloud and damp fog bearing southerly wind from the Mediterranean Sea].
On 01-02-1982 the "South Wind" had reached Masterton for Arthur Myers and John Shakes. Arthur released the aircraft to the N Z Vintage Aero Club Inc of Hobsonville on 23-01-1987. It underwent a lengthy CofA during 1989-1990 after which it was Hamilton based.
ZK-AUX at Opotiki during the Tiger Moth fly in on 27-01-1991.
Note the extra fuel tank beneath the fuselage.
Photographer unknow,
Unfortunately it was damaged at Mangatawhiri, near Mercer. on 16-01-2000, with the registration being cancelled on 04-09-2001.
I would imagine the bones of ZK-AUX are stored awaiting restoration ??


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    Thanks for the link. Nice depiction of AUX.
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  5. Great photos and write up as usual...remember going to his strip at Makara mid '60s.

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    I had a look from the air at Peters strip one day in my youth from a Cessna 172. I decided that Wellington was a better bet.

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  8. I think AUX's remains are with paul Morrison up north.