Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vale - Farewell

Three of my learned friends have died recently.

Steve Morrissey. "Chook". ANZ Boeing 777 pilot, ex RNZAF No 3 Squadron and "Wiggies" gliding friend from Wigram and Omarama, died whilst hiking during a lay over in Hong Kong.

Ian Ritchie. Ex 23 Squadron RAF WW11 Mosquito pilot. Founder of South Otago Aerial Top Dressing Company and then Ritchies Air Service and later with CAA. Has died in Motueka.
Ian showed me the basics of trying to master the Cessna 180.

Gwenyth Kingsbury of NZ Meteorological Service. Maybe not well know by you pilots but well known and respected behind the scenes for managing the Met Service contract with CAA and maintaining weather reporting standards throughout the country.

You will all be missed.

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  1. As a young lad growing up in Mataura (Southland) I watched Ian Ritchie and his fellow pilots from SOAT 'dog fighting' in their Tiger Moths at the end of the days work. It was excting stuff. Later as a member of the Air Training Corps No 28 Sqn - Gore, Ian was the CO. A good man. Inspired by such people I'm still working in the aviation industry almost 50 years on.