Sunday, 15 August 2010

Delta Charlie Fox.

I have been asked off blog by John G if I had a photograph of Aero Commander ZK-DCF.
Yes I do.
But before we go there we must start with Aero Commander ZK-CTM , c/n 1274-97.
This makes it the 1274th Commander built and the 97th of the 500A model (hence that c/n).
This was registered back in 1964 as N78373 with J G Trott of Omaha, Nebraska. It was listed with Omaha Steel Works in the 1966 records.
This aircraft arrived at Auckland on 05-01-1967 having been registered as ZK-CTM to Gold Coast Airways Ltd of Nelson on 22-12-1966.
Two shots of ZK-CTM at New Plymouth on 12-12-1968.

It was acquired by the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division (MOT CAD) of Wellington on 02-02-1971 and re-registered as ZK-DCF.
ZK-DCF with ZK-CTM marks still partially visible at Paraparaumu on 14-02-1971.

ZK-DCF at Wellington in its new MOT CAD scheme on 06-12-1971.

ZK-DCF at Ardmore with one engine removed on 13-11-1973.
The Firm flicked it off to Dennis Thompson International on 18-01-1978, with it going to Bell Air Executive Air Travel Ltd of Whakatane on 13-04-1978.

By 12-01-1982 it was with James Aviation Ltd followed by Aviation Corporation Ltd (Avcorp), both of Hamilton, on 01-07-1983. Here it carried the name "Rangi's Rocket".
DCF "Rangi's Rocket" at New Plymouth on 27-07-1984 in Avcorp Commuter marks
I next spied it with Whangarei Aviation Co in the mid 1980's and being listed to J G & S S Pavitt of Auckland on 30-10-1986.

ZK-DCF at New Plymouth on 14-12-1985 with Whangarei Aviaton Co.
The Commander Aviation Syndicate (Stinton, Pavitt & Flannery) of Auckland appeared on the paperwork on 09-04-1991.
It was withdrawn from use and the registration was cancelled on 14-06-1994.
ZK-DCF at Koromiko  on 15-04-2000 with Soundsair Ltd.
It was re-registered to the Pavitts on 06-09-1966 and then to Cliff Marchant of Wellington on 18-12-1996 and transferred over to Soundsair Ltd on 28-05-1997.
Ownership then passed to Glenalmond Management Pty Ltd c/- Wanaka Air on 20-12-2001 and it ferried from Kaitaia to Norfolk Island on 22-12-2001
It was seen at Bankstown in February 2002 but I have not seen or heard of it since. It is still currently registered to Glenalmond.


  1. I think you might find that ZK-DCF is inside the Air NZ Hangar 4 at CHC, being used by trainee engineers amongst the two F27's and numerous other light aircraft etc.Cheers PD

  2. I think the Christchurch airframe is CWP - an even older 500.
    DCF was the first aircraft I worked on when I started my aircraft engineering training at Ardmore in 1990 (Paint stripping and decorroding flap bay skins). It was a bit of a "Hangar Queen" and seemed to absorb enormous hours of maintenance for each flying hour. Hydraulic leaks seemed to be a specialty. The old "Banana" was a good solid bus though - just getting pretty old!

  3. Evening Anonymous PD & ZK-CKE.

    Yep the ANZ training school airframe in Christchurch is ZK-CWP.

    Have a peek at the earlier blog at

    "Just getting old". We sure are !

  4. Blue Bus, the following link should give you some information on ZK-DCF.
    It is now VH-DBT. registered owner is Bruce Simpson of Kirkdale NSW. First registered in Australia in December 2013. no idea what it has been doing since 2002. Perhaps Bruce may be able to shed some light on that. I can't find any current photos of it .

  5. Also check which is a link to David Wise's NEW ZEALAND AIRCRAFT REGISTER. Not sure what all the abbreviations mean, but it shows it at Bankstown.

  6. Thanks Anon.
    I was already up with the recent VH registration of DCF.