Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I remember when - Correction.

Flyernzl has added rightly pulled me up and added some more details about ZK-CPV.
I will admit that I was rather sparse with the facts on this one. So I will try again now.

Aero Commander Snow S2D 600 ZK-CPV , c/n 1359D , was allocated the US registration of N1759S, but this was not taken up. Instead it was initially registered as ZK-CTL on 18-10-1966. This was in error and was cancelled on 25-10-1966 for it to become ZK-CPV to Adastra Aviation Ltd of Tauranga. It was uncrated and stored until cancelled on 06-11-1968.
It went to New Guinea and became VH-AGT on 28-11-1968 with Eric Adams in PNG (who at one time traded as Air Chemicals). Eric (aka Scotty) operated it for Adastra until they decided to abandon ops in PNG. Eric then flew the Snow down to Sydney, NSW, for it to be crated and shipped back to Mt Maunganui. It was cancelled from the Australian register on 01-11-1971 and took up its old registration of ZK-CPV on 30-06-1972 with R G and M Toulson (another was of saying Adastra). Adastra was sold to James Aviation Ltd in December of 1972 and they set out to dispose of the S2D because of their Fletcher connections.
It was leased to Wanganui Aero Work from March through to June of 1973, and it was cancelled again on 09-05-1974 and returned to Australia to become VH-AGT once more on 17-07-1974 with Central Highlands Air Taxis Pty Ltd at Emerald in Queensland.
It was written off at Avon Downs, Queensland on 31-03-1981.
ZK-CPV parked up at Hamilton on 11-03-1973

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