Friday, 6 August 2010

All Action at Ardmore

Helicorp's EC120 ZK-IGE has featured on this blog previously however since the last sighting it now sports titles.

AS350B ZK-HKQ/3 alighted at Oceania. This machine has been on the books with them since March 2009, see
It now wears a rather bland scheme from the one it was delivered in!

AS350B3 ZK-IKJ was outside Eurocopter and features Treetop titles on the doors, difficult to see from this angle.

King Air C90GTi ZK-MMM, as blogged just a couple of days ago, arrived into Ardmore just on 2pm today from its Nelson home. Interestingly it was towed from the end of the runway to the Hawker Pacific hanger.

All photos MRC

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  1. Lots of stones on the taxiway causing prop damage so it was decided to tow it this time.