Thursday, 5 August 2010

Beech 90 ZK-MMM

At Ardmore 22 July 2010, Andrew Underwood photo

Registered to Woodlands Services of Nelson on 09 July was this brand new Hawker Beechcraft C90GTi ZK-MMM c/n LJ-1985. It arrived at Ardmore 22 July from Sydney and Auckland and prior to that is known to have flown from Halim/Jakarta to Broome 20 July and then to Alice Springs and Sydney 21 July.

Does anyone know the significance of the MT on the tail and why its ZK-MMM?

This aircraft joins a growing number of King Air's flying around NZ
Beech C90A ZK-MKG and ZK-SNM
Beech 200 ZK-FDR, ZK-MAN and ZK-PLK plus the five RNZAF examples.


  1. MT is the initials of woodlands services' shareholder & director

  2. Kismet Aviation LLC21 January 2011 at 04:34

    I just bought this airplane. It's back in the states with a new tail number.

  3. Ha! even though its here tonight with the same tail number

    1. Good morning Mike.
      There have been two ZK-MMM's on the NZ civil register.
      The first one was the Beech C90GTi with the c/n LJ-1985.
      This was only on the register between 09-07-2010 and 22-10-2010.
      It returned to the US and is now N320KA with Kismet Aviation LLC of Oldenburg, Indiana.(as per comment number two above).

      The second (and current) ZK-MMM is a Beech B350i with the c/n FL-727 which was registered on 19-01-2011 to the same operator - Woodland Services Ltd). The "MT" on the tailplane being the initials of Michael Towarek the shareholder and director. It operates out of Nelson, but now under the Golden Wings Ltd name.

      So we are talking about two different aircraft - but good spotting Mike.

      NOTE to Kismet Aviation:

      I don't suppose you could send us a photograph of N320KA for inclussion in an updated blog posting ?
      Email address is