Friday, 13 August 2010

Meteor at Christchurch.

Currently parked on a loader in the Antarctic storage area at Christchurch Airport are the cockpit section, horizontal tailplane and a couple of drop tanks of a Gloster Meteor.
Looks like an F8 model and I suspect it is A77-867, ex RAAF and ex WK685 of the RAF; and destined for the Ashburton Museum. If it is, then it is a real war bird - ex Korean War.
[Or maybe it is going to the Antarctic for cold weather trials].
Not strictly NZ Civil Aircraft related But :-


  1. The Meteor is very definitely ex the Australian Museum "Classic Jets Fighter Museum". By now it will have gone to Ashburton, or at least some bits will have, with the bulk to travel via Wilsons Bulk Transport this week. There are more substantial components yet to arrive from Australia. The aircraft is Gloster F8 Meteor, ex WK685 and A77-867. Cheers, Paul D

  2. Thanks there Anonymous Paul D for confirming its identity.