Saturday, 11 September 2010

ZK-SSS withdrawn

Aero L29 Delfin ZK-SSS/2 was deregistered on the 1st of this month as being 'withdrawn'. This aircraft was imported to NZ along with ZK-SSU in early 2008 and spent time at Ardmore, Whangarei and most recently at North Shore/Dairy Flat. It was involved in a takeoff incident from North Shore on 01 February 2009 when it ran off the end of runway 21 and across the road before coming to rest.

The demise of ZK-SSS leaves us with three further examples of this Czech trainer, ZK-JRF, ZK-SSU and ZK-VAU.

On departure from Ardmore 17 September 2009, Mike Condon photo

Does anyone know the status of ZK-JRF and ZK-SSU?

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