Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beavers and Beavers #1 ZK-BBX

Following on from the earlier blog on ZK-CPS and with the pending Lawson Field reunion at Gisborne over Labour weekend : I have been asked if I would blog up some more Beavers.

I will start with ZK-BBX c/n 324.
Registered to Fieldair Ltd of Gisborne on 24-11-1952 and first flown on 07-01-1953 and delivered to Gisborne on 14-01-1953.
It was damaged at Elsthorpe on 13-05-1967.
As seen at Dannevirke on 02-03-1969.

At Masterton on 08-02-1972.
A couple of Company changes over the years saw it registered to Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd of Palmerston North on 18-11-1980 and then to Fieldair Holdings Ltd of Palmerston North on 30-03-1984.
It was damaged again, at Mangaone on 02-03-1981.
Sometime in 1986 it was painted to represent ZK-BDI for some movie.
At Palmerston North on 22-07-1986.
It was flown out from Auckland on 22-09-1988 to Norfolk Island and then on to Canberra on 23-09-1988. Its NZ registration was cancelled on 26-09-88 and it was registered as VH-IDR on 04-11-1988. Listed initially to M Rye of Duffy, NSW and then to Western Aerial Crop Dusting of Derrinallum, Victoria in 1989.
It was flown back across the Tasman on 05-06-1993 accompanied by the Pawnee VH/ZK-SUG.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 10-09-1993 and it was restored to ZK-BBX for Jim Frogley of Havelock North on 13-09-1993 with whom it remains active.
At Wanaka on 30-03-2002

Wanaka again. 02-04-2010.

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