Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gazelle exported to Russia

Westland WA341G Gazelle HT Mk2 , c/n 1299 , first flew on 25-03-1975 and was delivered as XX391 to the Royal Navy on 10-04-1975. It served with 705 Squadron as "CU 56". It was withdrawn from service placed into storage at Shawbury on 23-10-1997. It departed Shawbury on 29-06-2001 bound for New Zealand where it became ZK-HTB3 on 06-11-2001 with Aero Enterprises Ltd of Christchurch. It was one of three imported at the same time. Its registration was revoked in March of 2003 but was restored on 07-11-2003 on being listed to North Park Property Ltd of Timaru. Ownership changed to Helicopters South Canterbury Ltd on 09-09-2009. It was noted in the Heli Maintenance hangar at Christchurch on 24-08-2010 being readied for export. Part of this process involved removing the skids and installing even shorter legs to permit this helicopter to be placed into a container.
ZK-HTB3 in its Royal Navy XX391 "CU 56" markings in the Aero Enterprises yard at Christchurch on 08-11-2001.

As seen on 11-11-2001.

Now marked as "TB"
HTB in its all black scheme at Rangiora on 14-01-2004.

HTB at Heli Maintenance, Christchurch on 20-12-2005 with its fern marking.

ZK-HTB's manufacturers plate.
[A strange way of spelling Westland !]
(actually "Usine De" loosely means Factory. So it was assembled by the Westland Helicopter Ltd at Yeovil).
Closer view of that fern.
Above is the standard skid and legs with the short version sitting alongside.
Below : the long and the short.


  1. Nice self portrait in the fern shot Mr BB.

  2. Oh yes !
    A creature of radiant beauty; don't you think ?
    Please keep those cards and letters (blank cheques) rolling in.