Saturday, 4 September 2010

A really sad day for Fox Glacier

I am saddened to report the tragic loss of the Walter powered Fletcher Fu24 ZK-EUF at Fox Glacier today following a crash after take off. It claimed the lives of the pilot, the four tandem jump instructors and the four foreign tourist.

Alas I do not have a photograph of ZK-EUF in its parachuting role.

An earlier blog on this aircraft can be found at

Our sympathy and thoughts go out to all.


Added Sunday 05-09-2010 8:55pm

Brett (in Comment 5 below) has provided the following link to photos of ZK-EUF (and other interesting stuff).

Thanks Brett.


Added Monday 06-09-2010 07:10am

Photo lifted from Skydive NZ site. (following link supplied by Anonymous : Thanks).!/photo.php?pid=6555106&fbid=470154769061&id=203758184061


  1. Sorry.
    You are correct. Fox not Franz.
    It has been a long hard day.


  2. Blue Bus, trust all is ok with you and yours and the wheels are still in place.
    Indeed, a very sad day on both Coast's of the South Island.
    It would appear ZK-EUF travelled south as recently as 23 August this year following its conversion from an ag aircraft to a parachute machine and a photo on the NZ Herald website earlier had the aircraft in the same scheme as I last saw it in 2006 with the addition of the parachute door and what appeared to be it parked at Fox.
    Being from the Coast I can only think of the sadness that will have struck the small community of Fox Glacier and of many in South Westland who have suffered loss.

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  4. These appear to be pics of it setup in Skydive configuration

  5. Looks like the tail fin didn't fall off this fletcher for a change