Friday, 24 September 2010

Robinson R22 Beta 11 ZK-HXG

Robinson R22 Beta 11 , c/n 3445 , was first registered to the Robinson Helicopter Company as N71966 before being cancelled on 23-05-2003 for export to Japan where it became JA7987 on 02-06-2003. It was listed with Osaka Airlines when it was damaged on landing at Yao on 27-04-2009. Shipped to NZ, it was noted at Pacific Aircraft Services on 07-05-2010, still partially bubble wrapped. It was registered as ZK-HXG2 on 23-07-2010 to CHL Investments Ltd of Christchurch.
JA7987 at the Pacific Aircraft hangar on 11-05-2010
Work in progress.
It has been worked on quietly in the back of the hangar but was noted yesterday 23-09-2010 out in the Canterbury sunshine.
ZK-HXG2 complete.

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