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Beavers & Beavers # 16 ZK-CPZ.

De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver , c/n 462 , was delivered to DH NZ Ltd on 14-07-1953 to become ZK-BDI with James Aviation Ltd from 03-09-1953 and first flew on 02-10-1953. It was blown over in a gale at Taupo on either 12 or 13-05-1958 and was cancelled on 22-08-1958. The wreckage went to Aerial Farming of NZ Ltd for it to be rebuilt.
It rejoined the register as ZK-BMO to Aerial Farming on 12-12-1958. It was crashed at Nihoniho on 02-09-1960 and was cancelled on 21-03-1961 with the remains being sold abroad.
In Australia it was rebuild by Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd at Bankstown and was registered to them as VH-AAW on 15-08-1961. It transferred to Robby's Aerial Services Ltd of Parafield, South Australia and was re-registered as VH-RAS on 22-11-1962.
Its Australian registration was cancelled in March of 1966 and the Beaver returned to NZ to join the Fieldair fleet on 05-04-1966 as ZK-CPZ. It was damaged in a storm on 10-04-1968 (place unknown).
Two views of ZK-CPZ at Gisborne on 13-12-1970.
It did the Company name change thing to Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd on 18-11-1980
On 16-09-1983 ownership moved to Griffin Ag Air/Kairanga Aviation Ltd with the registration being changed to ZK-BDI on the same day.
It was moved to the Parakai Parachute Centre on 08-02-1988 and then to P Roberts on 26-09-1990 for cancellation on 20-11-1990 for export back to Australia.
On 10-01-1991 it became VH-BOS with Altair Aviation (P Roberts) of Bungador, Victoria and remains with them today.

Photos of c/n 462 can be found at:-

Photos of this airframe as ZK-BDI can be seen at :-

Photos as ZK-BMO can be viewed at:-

Additional ZK-CPZ view are at:-

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