Sunday, 5 September 2010

Biplanes Rule

A busy day for biplanes at Ardmore today as within 10 minutes DH82 ZK-AUD, Stearman ZK-BWR and Acrosport ZK-DJK were out for Fathers Day.

Also out flying was a recent addition to Ardmore, Europa XS ZK-RPR, which until recently has been registered to owners in Whakatane.
Robinson R44 ZK-HQA has been imported from the UK where it wore the marks G-CESB. It was registered to Western Pacific Helicopters in Wanaka in July this year and is seen here outside the Hawker Pacific hanger at Ardmore today. It features Western Pacific Helicopters titles.

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  1. Any Pics of Citabria CIT - i was flying it today and taxied out right behind RPR - and chased the Stearman around the circuit too!