Saturday 25 September 2010

Beavers & Beavers # 9 ZK-CKH

De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver c/n 25  is the earliest built Beaver to have served in NZ. It was delivered to De Havilland Africa on 17-11-1948 and became ZS-DCG to Tank Aircraft Pty Ltd of Johanasburg the same month. It was sold to one Brian Lovel Reginald Pocock of Sussex on 05-11-1961 and was registered as G-ARTR gaining its CofA on the 14th. I believe it operated in Libya for some time. It was sold on 07-08-1964 and shipped to NZ, arriving here on 07-10-1964. It reportedly first flew here on 16-11-1964 for delivery to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd of Masterton the following day. Its registration date as ZK-CKH being 21-12-1964 (which seems a bit odd).
ZK-CKH at Masterton on 02-03-1969.

ZK-CKH at Masterton on 23-09-1969

ZK-CKH with different script at Masterton on 27-02-1972

The other side of ZK-CKH at Masterton on 27-02-1972.
Note insignia on cowl.

ZK-CKD on 03-10-1973 at Masterton.
ZK-CKH Masterton on 31-08-1979
It served with Air Contracts of Masterton during 1965 and was listed to Air Services (1979) Ltd on 19-08-1980.
On 02-09-1982 it went to Des Menary of Kaikohe (ASTA Co-Op) and then briefly to James Aviation from 08-05-1984 until 01-06-1984 when it was listed to E F Doherty, B N Coulter and I C Reynolds of Auckland. With this syndicate it was painted to represent the RNZAF Beaver NZ6001 (c/n 911, which crashed on the Beardmore Glacier in Antarctica on 15-01-1960) and named "City of Auckland".

ZK-CKH at Christchurch on 05-03-1990.
At Ardmore on 18-03-2000
It was relisted to the Beaver Preservation Trust of Auckland on 20-03-02. It underwent a major refurbishment during 2008-2009.
Two views of ZK-CKH after repaint at Ardmore on 27-02-2009

Some more really good photographs of ZK-CKH can been seen at

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